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Did you know that you can volunteer in Patagonia with Road2Argentina too? That’s right! If you are looking to get your hands dirty and explore one of the most breathtaking places on Earth during your time here in Argentina, you may want to consider our Sustainability & Environment in Patagonia program. You can add 4 weeks in Patagonia on to any program in Buenos Aires, or travel directly to the south with us, como quieras.
Sustainability & Environment in Patagonia is a 4-week hands-on learning experience perfectly suited for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. You will live, learn and volunteer on-site at a sustainable living project located within the largest UNESCO Temperate Forest Biosphere Reserve on the planet. Now, how about that?
Volunteers in Patagonia spend their days outdoors in the gardens and around the farm, assisting local workers and other international volunteers with the daily tasks that keep the project going such as collecting firewood for heating purposes, watering plants, weeding, harvesting and preparing meals, caring for the animals, clearing trails in the surrounding area, etc.
This program gives you the chance to experience sustainability in action, and to be a part of it; to connect with, learn from and give back to the natural environment that makes Patagonia such a special place.
As a volunteer, you’ll work hard and get your hands dirty, but you’ll also have plenty of time to relax, enjoy the outdoors and soak up the laid-back Patagonian lifestyle (ahhh).  You can hike, camp, kayak, whitewater raft, mountain bike, go canyoning or horseback riding, or join the Argentinians in one of their favorite pastimes: drinking mate!
[divider]Want to learn more about volunteering in Patagonia? Check it out on our website, or leave your name and email address below, and we’ll get in touch with a Patagonia Program Brochure.

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