The 220-foot tall Obelisk is a symbol of Buenos Aires. It was designed by Alberto Prebisch in 1936 to commemorate Buenos Aires’ 400th anniversary.

 The four sides of the obelisk each represent defining moments in the history of Buenos Aires:

–         The founding of the city in 1536

–         Its second and definitive foundation in 1580

–         The inaugural raising of the Argentinian flag in the city in 1812

–         The declaration of Buenos Aires as the nation’s capital in 1880.


During the years, the obelisk has been dressed up creatively for different occasions. Here are some of its most famous transformations:


Tribute to the 30th anniversary of the ‘Noche de los Lapizes’ (night of pencils) where secondary school students where held up and disappeared during the last military dictatorship.

150th anniversary of bilateral relations with Germany (representing the colors of the two flags)


1st of December (Fight against AIDS)


Christmas Lights