One of our Road2Argentina interns, Sophie, is diving head first into the vast culinary scene here in Buenos Aires. Read on about her experience with “closed door” restaurants!

Looking for a unique culinary experience in Buenos Aires; an alternative to the classic parrilla (steak house) and pasta options? Look no further than the so called “closed-door restaurant scene” which is becoming the new culinary cool as people branch away from every day restaurant fare. These restaurants combine an intimate eating experience in a Chef´s home with fabulous gourmet food. Often they take on the form of a dinner party where you meet and chat with other guests and also the chef, so it is a great opportunity to meet new people. Maybe even a great way of practising your new Spanish skills with the locals!

It may seem a strange gastronomic concept but these restaurants are definitely worth checking out. The food is amazing and it is often exceptionally creative. It’s also a great option if you want to host a dinner party and avoid all the hassle and work yourself! You must be sure to make a reservation in advance as they are only open a few days a week and have timed seatings. Dining at a closed door restaurant, you almost feel like part of an exclusive secret group. You are told the address after you have made your reservation and you have to ring a bell in order to enter . Here are some closed door restaurants or puertas cerradas which we suggest are worth checking out whilst here in Buenos Aires.

Casa Saltshaker:

If you are looking for a chance to meet new people whilst enjoying “fancy home cooking,” in the form of a five course tasting menu then Casa Saltshaker in Barrio Norte is the place for you. This is one of the most well known closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires. You dine in American Chef, Dan Perlman`s own apartment, on a communal table, as if you were attending a dinner party. They describe their food as being ‘electric with a Mediterranean base.’

Cocina Sunae:

For a chance to experience some of the most authentic Southeast Asian cooking, book a table at Cocina Sunae in Colegiales, where chef Christina Sunae Wiseman combines traditional Korean, Vietnamese and Thai flavours with a cotemporary twist. Sunae even grows her own chillies from seeds which she brought over from the Philippines. They are called birds eye chillies, and are known to be the second hottest chilli so expect to taste some great spicy food!

La Cocina Discreta:

La Cocina Discreta in Palermo, run by Alejandro and Rosana is the restaurant you should head to if you want to enjoy not only a delicious three course meal but also an art gallery dining experience where you can marvel at beautiful music, art and photography. The house has an exposition of different pieces of art from a variety of independent Argentinean artists which are available to buy. So if a combination of food and art is your thing then head to bohemian cocina discreta.

So, why not grab some friends from Road2Argentina and go and check out these hidden gems of Buenos Aires!