This weekend, Argentina is going crazy for a reason: It’s exactly 200 years since the country gained independence from Spain on the 9th of July, 1816. And president Macri was nice and gave us an added Friday feriado to have plenty of time to celebrate. Here are ten ways to celebrate this weekend!

1. La Noche de los 200 Años, Friday from 8:30 pm

This is a must-seen on this independence day weekend! More than 100 artists including popular artists like Maximiliano Guerra and Les Miserables participate in this great multimedia show at Plaza Vaticano ( next to the Teatro Colon)! Be there early as it’s gonna be super crowded..

2. Buy an Argentine Flag and learn the Anthem, any time

3. Feria de Mataderos, Saturday and Sunday 11-20 hs.

Celebrate the independence with gaucho shows, ballet, folklore dance, and more than 400 food and local art stands at the famous Feria de Mataderos.

4. Centenario Parade in Recoleta, Sunday from 12 pm

The official bicentenario celebrations with all important people from Argentina are held on Sunday starting at midday. Military bands from 16 different countries will attend this huge parade that will march down Avenida del Libertador from Recoleta to the Polo stadium in Las Cañitas where around 700 musicians will play the national hymn!

5. Eat a traditional Locro, at lunchtime

Eat Argentina’s national dish and most traditional winter dish: Locro! It’s a hearty thick stew with corn, beans, potato and other vegetables and different forms of meat (beef, pork, beef jerky, chorizo and much more). Check out El San Juanino in Palermo and Recoleta.


A Delicious Locro

6. Buy some Beers or bring Mate and Chill to live-Music in Palermo, Saturday from 3:30 pm

Saturday afternoon bands and other artists will perform at the bosques de Palermo next to the planetarium!

7. Get Cultural and enjoy the Night at the Museum, Friday from 6 pm

The Museo Nacional de Belles Artes, the Fine Arts Mueseum, will be open until 1 am and showcast concerts and hold guided tours foncussing on the independence!

Celebrate the Bicentenario at a Peña Folklórica

Celebrate the Bicentenario at a Peña Folklórica

8. Celebrate at a traditional Peña, every night from 9 pm

The Peña Los Cardones in Palermo Soho celebrates the bicentenario with folklore music and food from the North of Argentina!

9. Drink 200 Shots of Fernet with your Friends

Nothing better than celebrating with Argentina’s national drink! But don’t do it on your own or you will end up at the hospital!

10.Tango, Ska and Electronic Music, Friday from 6 pm

Enjoy Ska, Funk, Tango, Electronic Music and a bit of Chacarera at the Manzana de las Luces one block away from Plaza de Mayo! You can also learn how to dance Tango..


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