As your trip is right around the corner it’s time to start packing your bags! If you’re coming from the northern hemisphere remember that the seasons are opposite to what you are used to, so be sure to plan ahead and consult our packing list.
Boques de Palermo, Buenos Aires

Bosques de Palermo, Buenos Aires

Summer: December – March
Hot, hot, hot! The city of Buenos Aires heats up during these months with temperatures hitting to above 100F or close to 40C. The normal temperatures are in the 90sF or upper 30sC with a really strong sun, so bring lightweight clothes in light colors and don’t forget the sunblock! These hot summer days occasionally end with powerful afternoon thunderstorms so be prepared for rain as well.

Items: Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sundresses, flip flops, bathing suit, sun block, rain jacket, umbrella, sunglasses.

Fall: April-June

La Flor, Buenos Aires

La Flor, Buenos Aires

Fall is a beautiful time in Buenos Aires with very pleasant temperatures in the 70sF or 20sC. Expect sun drenched days that are warm and cool crisp evenings. This is a tough season to pack for since the days can still be pretty warm in the sun, and the evenings can get pretty cool. Think layers, from a light jacket or sweater down to a tank top. Expect a few rainy days.
Items: Pants, leggings, light sweaters and jackets, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, light scarves, ankle boots, flats, rain boots, umbrella

WinterJuly – September 

Winter in Buenos Aires

Winter in Buenos Aires. Photo by Hugo Rodriguez

Don’t be fooled by images of tropical South American landscapes when you come to Buenos Aires during these months, it can get chilly. Temperatures at night can drop down very close to the freezing point. The daytime temps are actually agreeable, especially in the sun, around the 50sF or teens in Celsius. Snow is an extremely rare occurrence, but a chilly rain is quite possible.
Items: Warm coat, hat, gloves, scarves, heavy sweaters and leather boots.

Spring: September – November

Spring in Buenos Aires

Spring in Buenos Aires. Photo by

These are Buenos Aires’ glory months. Argentine’s celebrate the first day of Spring, September 21st, to the fullest. Winter fades quickly as the sun heats up the land, but be prepared for frequent rains in September. November just might be the best month to be in Buenos Aires with the warm temperature that aren’t yet very hot, the city comes alive with multiple festivals and outdoor activities. Bring sundresses, light clothes, and sandals, but also a cardigan or sweater for cool nights.
Items: Pants, leggings, skirts, sundresses, light sweaters and jackets, sandals and flats, rain boots, rain coat, umbrella, sunglasses.


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