If anyone has tried to work their way though the very murky waters of obtaining and/or renewing an Argentine work visa, you know it is horrific process. Luckily for you, one of our recent staff members just battled his way through his 1-year work visa renewal and wrote a up a nice little summary of the process.  Turning one person’s struggles into a lesson for someone else- we hope you find this guide useful!

Visa Renewal in Argentina

Paperwork you can get for yourself:

1.Passport + Copy of main page and last entry into Argentina

2.Last 9 months of Sueldo receipts + copies

3.New Record of Antecedentes Penales in Argentina + copy
-Pedir Turno online at the Registro Nacional de Reincidencia
-Bring Passport + 55 pesos (for 24 hour service.  It’s cheaper if you can wait)
-Located at Piedras 115

4.Current Record of Mis Aportes
-Available online through the AFIP website

5.Anses Constancia Gratis
Available Online

Paperwork from your Business/Sponsor:

1.New Contract certified by Escribano + copy
-Must have CUIT of the empresa and your CUIL in the contract

2.Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes de Extranjeros
-Up to date original + copy

3.Constancia de Inscripción de la Empresa – AFIP
-Available online.  In my case I searched “Road2Argentina”

The Walkthrough

No need to pedir un turno online,  go straight to Migraciones located at Av. Antártida Argentina 1355 in Retiro and wait in line by door number 4.  It’s the shorter line at 7 AM and don’t worry that above door number 4 it says “Salida”.

The doors opened at around 7:30, but getting a low number is key! Put it this way, if you get there at 7, you could be out by 8:30.  If you get there at 7:30, you’ll be out by 11.  If you’re lucky.

The person at the door will give you a ticket when you tell him you need prorrogas de visas.  Or you might get your number from the window on your left as you enter.  But the ticket will be for section K, which (of course) doesn’t have a sign.  No worries, it’s the section immediately to your right when you come through door #4.

Grab a seat and wait while the ladies drink mate and chit-chat from 7:30 – 8.  Headphones aren’t a great idea because section K has no number board and they call out the numbers in soft voices.   Bring a book.  You’ll get a lot of reading done.

Now, the home stretch barring unexpected surprises! When they call your number, hand over the your number ticket, passport, and all the paperwork.  After checking it over, the person will give you a bill and send you to pay $600 pesos at the back of the building.  Then after a 30-90 minute wait, they’ll call your name and you’re legal for one more year!!!