It’s hot. And there is another heat wave on the way. The truth is it will be pretty hot through February but no need to fret, there are many ways to beat the heat!

1. Friends With Benefits
If you are new here in Buenos Aires you know you should be trying to make some Argentine friends, well take it a step further and make some friends with pools! Lots of the tall buildings you are walking by have hidden rooftop oases with pools just waiting for you to dive into, you just have to know the right people.

2. Get Cool, Get Cultured
Another thing you know you should be doing during your time here in Buenos Aires is visiting museums. The city is full of interesting art museums and galleries featuring collections from all of Argentina and Latin America, all with nice cool air conditioning! Chek out the MoMA (

3. I Scream, You Scream
Right when you think you can’t take the heat anymore as you walk block after block in the hot city air, don’t meltdown- pop into a kiosko and buy and ice cream, or stop at a cafe for a fresh licuado (smoothie). These refreshing treats will cool you off and give you a chance to relax, plus a licuado will keep you hydrated in the hot air.

4. Mail Postcards Home
You know you’ve been putting it off for awhile, but it’s time to put a postcard in the mail and let your loved ones back home know you are thinking of them. Added bonus? The post office has GREAT air conditioning. It will be one of the few times you’ll be content to stand in a long line at the post office soaking up the cool air. The coolest post office is on Pueyrredon between Santa Fe and Charcas.

5. Get Out of Town
Seriously. Argentina is a beautiful country with lots of great (and cooler) places to explore. Take a trip south towards Patagonia, or head to the beach in Mar del Plata, or across the river to Punta del Este. If you’re looking for quicker escapes, take the train out of Retiro to the delta town of Tigre to relax on the river or to San Isidro’s Peru Beach where you can participate in lots of water sports.

6. Avoid Subtes Like the Plague
Although super convenient 9 months out of the year, the Subte is a trapped inferno of hot air during the summer months. Find bus routes to get where you are going. On the buses you have windows and fresh air, and a select few even have air conditioning!

7. Let’s All Go to The Movies
The cinema is always a cool dark option to escape the hot Buenos Aires sun. Check out an Argentine film or a movie from the U.S., most are with subtitles and not dubbed so you’ll feel right at home!

8. Shop ‘Till You’re Cool
Cool and looking like a porteño and cool from the nice air conditioned mall. Buy some leather goods and adorn yourself in the fashions of the local designers.

9. Drink Tereré
You know mate is the favored drink of Argentina, but this hot beverage can be a little too much in the summer. Tereré is a form of mate using the same yerba, but instead a cold fruit juice is used to make the infusion instead of hot water. Very refreshing!

10. Embrace it!
If you ever are feeling overwhelmed by the heat take a quick look at the weather up there in the northern hemisphere. While your friends back home are shoveling out from piles and piles of snow with wind burnt faces and frostbitten limbs, you are in South America enjoying the sun and warmth! They would probably change places with you in a second so enjoy it while you can.

How do you keep cool in the Buenos Aires summer?