Creating an international resume for a professional job, an internship position or volunteer position abroad can be confusing. What are they looking for? Are the resumes different than what I am used to? What should I be including? I am sure these are all questions that you have had cross your mind at one point or another!

Relax. Breathe. It will all be okay.

Here you will find some helpful tips to writing the perfect international resume stress free!

  • Focus on your professional personality: they are concerned with both your ability in an international work environment and your technical skills.
  • Create a Career Objective: A crucial statement addressing what you are interested in doing at your job abroad.
  • Spotlight your Education: If you are still in college or just recently graduated make sure to emphasize “areas of interest” (courses you have taken) related to the job abroad. Again, including working with international students, language learning, etc.
  • Work Experience: Make sure to include skills you’ve acquired at previous jobs that can be transferable to the  job abroad you are applying for (marketing, writing, leading). Not all employers will know the name of the company/organization that you have previously worked for so make sure to include why you were successful and what tasks you were doing or responsibilities you had. Don’t forget to include the cross-cultural skills (ex: aware of different work patterns and respectful of them).
  • Summary of your Skills: This is a crucial part of your resume. This tells employers who you are. Make sure to sell your cross-cultural skills (ex: Easily adapts to cross-cultural work environments).
  • Highlight Personal and Professional Traits: Traits you posses which demonstrate who you are and why you are good at what you do.
  • Make an international experience section (optional): This will group together all the international education, volunteering, travel, etc making sure you don’t forget them.
  • Length: International resumes are typically longer than a page so do not worry about the length 🙂
  • Adding a picture (Optional): If you would like to add a presentable picture of yourself you are welcome to.
  • Use the same formatting throughout the resume. This will help your international resume look presentable to the employer.
  • Save it as a PDF before sending it along.

Remember, these are just helpful suggestions to guide you in developing your international resume! Below you will find a sample  resume, this is just to give you an idea. Any questions contact