Bus Safety

1.    When riding the bus at night, particularly if there are few people on the bus, try to sit closer to the front, if possible.  You are a much easier victim if you are in the back where no one can see you, or more importantly, what the thief is doing.
2.    Take care when getting off the bus – some bus drivers do not have good manners and will take off as soon as your feet hit the ground!  And you do not want to be in the bus´s wake when this happens.
3.    This goes for any crowded area, but please, please keep your belongings where your eyes can see them.  Always!  Pickpocketing on buses is far too common, and very preventable.

Bus Etiquette

1.    Ever see a line of people behind a bus stop sign?  That´s the line.  Get at the back of it, this isn´t New York City.  Often the line is for more than one bus line – when your bus comes, start walking and if the people in front of you stay put, that means they´re waiting for another bus line – so go ahead!  Waiting too long will result in the bus leaving without you.
2.    When a bus is very crowded, sometimes you will have to do a little bit of pushing and squeezing.  It is not good etiquette to push people.  However, it is also not good etiquette to stand at the front of the bus and block new people from getting on.  If you can squeeze a little and push a little, ALWAYS saying ¨permiso¨ first, of course, please do so – otherwise you may make some people very upset.  Of course, if you really cannot pass, please don´t try.  I have seen bus fights started this way.
3.    The front seats are always reserved for pregnant ladies, people with young children, people with disabilities, and elderly persons.  You can use them if no one who fits the above description is standing, but you should give up your seat when they get on the bus.  Sometimes it is hard to tell whether someone classifies as elderly, or whether a lady is pregnant or whether a child is a small enough child.  When in doubt, it is usually better to give up your seat.
4.    Gentlemen:  Chivalry has not completely died yet in Buenos Aires.  Although no one will be angry if you don´t, it is most common for men to allow women to sit down if a seat frees up (this also goes for the subway), and is not uncommon for them to allow a woman to board the bus first, as well.  You can choose to adapt to this custom or not as you please, but women here do very much appreciate the gesture!

Now go take a bus!
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