Pulsing eternally through the veins of Argentines is the hot, herbal mate drink. More than a drink, a ritual, mate sustains Argentines through all hours of the day, every day of the week. But as the thermometers rise and temperatures become unbearably hot, what is a mate drinker to do? Sipping all day on a bubbly hot beverage seems too much to bear.

Enter, tereré. This “cooler” version of mate is popular in hotter regions of Paraguay and Brazil and is commonly found during the hot summer months here in Buenos Aires. Instead of using the traditional mate “cup” made from gourds or wood, tereré is usually drunk out of a glass. Simply fill your glass with the same yerba that you use all year round, and now add to it a nice icy cold water or juice! In some regions many people use cold water infused with mint or lemongrass. Here in Argentina it is common to find tereré made from cold water mixed with lemon juice or orange juice. A quick way to prepare your juice infusion is to use packs of powder juice (think ala Crystal light) mixed with cold water.

Tereré is not for everyone though, and some mate purists look down on it. But who cares about them! It’s hot and you want to be refreshed! So start experimenting your yerba with different juices and water infusions, transform yourself into a tereré mixologist, and find a combination that you like best. You might be pleasantly surprised, and you will definitely be refreshed!