Your 20’s are a great time to travel the world! Nowadays pretty much everyone has their ideal location already mapped out for when the time comes. The only two things getting in the way of making this dream come true are usually the need a to work and study.  So why not take a semester or year abroad to do just that?

Not many people realize that studying abroad are great investments in the long run; both economically and culturally. Study abroad in Argentina and not only improve your Spanish or Castellano, but also make memories and friendships that last a lifetime!

Arrive understanding basic conversations – return a master!

If you’re thinking about doing an international study program, a year/semester abroad, or want to learn Spanish, then you’ve probably been looking at countries that will offer an interesting program with great city life, places to meet people & experience the culture.

Facultad de Derecho- UBA (Photo taken from

Facultad de Derecho- UBA (Photo taken from

Between all the countries across Latin America or even Spanish speaking- countries in general (see why you should go abroad to Argentina instead of Spain), Argentina is well-known for having a world-class education system. It is also one of the few countries with free public education! If you’re coming from the US, UK, or countries with similar systems, there is no better way to see the genuine Argentine experience!

Where to study in Argentina

Below is a list of some of the top the universities and colleges you can find in Buenos Aires:

Each university will give you a great study abroad in Argentina experience, with different benefits in each one. The UCA, for example, is situated in the stylish Puerto Madero, right next to the river. The UADE has a more campus style layout, with the first ever Argentine Starbucks inside. The UBA has some of the most well-known Professors in Latin America and is also a great way to meet people from a wide range of countries and backgrounds.

Catholic University of Buenos Aires- UCA (Photo  taken from

Catholic University of Buenos Aires- UCA (Photo taken from

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Written by Rachel Hine