Argentina celebrates their Revolution Day on May 25th of every year. They celebrate this national holiday to commemorate major historical events here in Buenos Aires that lead to the anticipated independence of the country. The May Revolution was Argentina’s first step towards freedom.

25th of May (May Revolution Day)

May Revolucion Day (Photo taken from

The May Revolution of 1810 was a series of political events, that took place between the 18th and 25th of May, in Buenos Aires that led to the first national government in the country not designed by the Spanish. Although the May Revolution took place in Buenos Aires, it influenced many changes and transformations throughout the entire country of Argentina. The famous Plaza de Mayo near the Casa Rosada is named after this moment in Buenos Aires history.

Argentinians celebrate this public holiday with pride and self-respect. You will hear music, see marches, and people gathered in the streets. If you make your way to Plaza de Mayo you will see hundreds of people gathered. Events take place around 12 pm until late in the evening where government officials are present and you will hear them each delivering speeches. You may also catch special services going on at churches as well as plays going on at the Colon Theater. Argentinians will prepare traditional Argentine cuisine to commemorate this holiday. Public transportation is still accessible, however, business and other organizations close down for the day.

So, take advantage of your day off and check out what’s going on at Plaza de Mayo and around the city! For other ideas of what to do on this long weekend and throughout your time in Buenos Aires, check out the city of Buenos Aires Cultural Calendar.