Independence Day- July 9th

On July 9th, 1816, the Congreso de Tucuman declared the independence of Argentina. This was a direct result from the Revolution on May 25th, 1810. Argentinians also consider this holiday (independence day) as a the birth date of Argentina- the removal of ties with Spain and the movement towards a self-government.

For Argentines, this is a very important and special day commemorating Argentina’s history. July 9th ( or independence day) is a public holiday, meaning there are no governmental operations, schools are closed, as well as many other businesses and stores. Here in Buenos Aires thousands of people come together to watch parades and celebrate. As we know an Independence day is not complete without fireworks, therefore I am sure you will see the sky light up at some point during the day! Families celebrate in different ways. Without a doubt, you will definitely smell asado coming from all over the city as many Argentine families will be cooking typical cuisine- locro, pastel de papa, and many others! Most porteños will spend the day together eating, drinking, and socializing in honor of their country.