In Buenos Aires, it is fairly easy to find a free WiFi connection. There are many parks and coffee shops where you can get free internet access. This will become very handy when you are walking around Buenos Aires, especially when using some of these essential apps that will make your stay in Buenos Aires an easy and enjoyable experience!

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WhatsApp Messenger

iMessage will do you no good upon landing in Argentina. Even though the amount of iPhone sales are in the rise, people aren’t likely to use iMessage here. Way before Apple announced it’s messaging-over-data app, there was already a messaging king among porteños and all Argentines: “WhatsApp Messenger”. Yes, if you want to communicate with anyone in Buenos Aires or the rest of the country, you gotta have this essential app, Whatsapp! People will give you a weird look if you even mention not having it on your phone. Just like iMessage, you only need the other person’s phone number and you’re set! Easy, quick and effective, is the #1 app in Argentina’s App Store.

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The Argentine version of Uber. As described on their web page: “The number one taxi solution for consumers and business in 420 cities worldwide.” Pretty straight forward, call a cab, track the driver and find out his information before you get into the car. After a late night out, nothing better than a safe ride home.

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BA Como Llego

Transportation in Buenos Aires can be overwhelming for any newcomer. Between six subway lines, seven train lines and more than a hundred bus lines, not even a real Porteño can handle that much information. That’s when “BA Como Llego App” comes in quite handy. Its name actually means “BA How do I get there”, and it really gets the job done. Pretty much, our version of Google Maps, you just type in a starting point and a destination and you will be prompted with traveling options by foot, car, public transportation and even by bike! Here in Buenos Aires the City Government has put a lot of effort in updating and extending bike lanes all over town, becoming one of the fastest growing and safest means of transportation. Among other features, you will be able to spot SUBE Card (public transportation card) charging points, gas stations, ATMs, hospitals and traffic jams. This essential app is a must!

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This essential app is for renting bikes from several bike stations located in strategic spots of Buenos Aires. Pick up your bike at one of the stations and drop it off at another one at your convenience. The city has been promoting bikes as a greener way of moving around, so you’ll also have access to some discounts in several stores and cafes in town for EcoBici users.

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Pedidos Ya

In Buenos Aires, you can order pretty much everything and anything by delivery. Food, ice-cream, alcohol, etc. If you have no idea where to order, you can use “Pedidos Ya”. Pick the city, type in your address and the name of the restaurant or type of food you want and that’s it. A full list of restaurants and bars will pop up, with pricing, ratings and even some promotional discounts for users. If you stay in one of our housing accommodations (shared apartment specifically) and your not in the mood to cook, this is a great alternative. You don’t even need to move from your bed!

There ya have it, a few essential apps to download during your stay in Buenos Aires. Do you have any suggestions for useful apps while in Buenos Aires? Let us know!