bife chorizoYou have heard all the hype; Argentina is synonymous with juicy, delectable, mouth-watering steak. They say the beef produced in Argentina is some of the best in the world and now that you are here in Buenos Aires you cannot wait a second longer to take that first bite. Well, before you do you, here are a few quick tips about ordering the perfect cut of meat.

Essential cuts of steak commonly found in restaurants:

  • Bife de chorizo: Sirloin strip steak
  • Bife de lomo: Beef tenderloin
  • Ojo de bife: Rib eye

Temperature of Steak in Spanish:

  • Jugoso– rare
  • A punto– medium
  • Bien hecho– well done

Other Parrilla (grill) Favorites:

  • Provoleta– warm grilled provolone cheese
  • Chorizo– meat and pork sausage
  • Matambre– brisket
  • Brochette– skewers
  • Papas Fritas– french fries
  • Batatas Fritas– sweet potato fries

And be sure not to forget your chimichurri sauce, an infusion of oil, vinegar, herbs and spices- a must have condiment to your asado!

Now you know the basics for ordering an excellent steak, but don’t know where to go to get it? Here are some of the Road2Argentina’s staff steak house favorites!!

  • Katie- La Cabrera: José Antonio Cabrera 5099
  • Kay- Miranda:Costa Rica 5602
  • María- El Trapiche: Paraguay 5099
  • Agustín: Lo de Bebe: Charcas 382
  • Emily- Juana M: Carlos Pellegrini 1535
  • Nick: La Brigada: Estados Unidos 465
  • Agustina: Las Cholas: Arce 306