Happy Valentines Day Argentina!! In a country that’s already full of passion, a day to celebrate it seems a little redundant to many, but it’s still a great excuse to spark a little romance. The holiday is still relatively new here, but if you’re on the hunt for an Argentine sweetheart, here’s a recipe to get you going!

A Recipe for Love in Argentina

* 1 Cup of Chamuyo (sweet talk- Argentine style)
* 1 Pinch of Fiery Jealousy
* 2 tbs Machismo/Chivalry
* 1 Big ‘ol Steak
* 2 Bottles of a Good Malbec wine
* 1 Telo
* A generous sprinkling of Pasión

Mix it all together and you have a recipe for Valentines’ success in Argentina!

If you don’t have those ingredients handy, here are some other tips for the day.

– Head to the Rosedal in Palermo for a lovely stroll among the magnificent roses. The romantic spot thrives in a day made for romance.

– “Te Mataré Ramirez” this aphrodesiac restaurant located in Palermo will get your night going with erotic shows tailored to couples and very suggestive menu items.

– Take a nice romantic stroll along the tranquil waters in Puerto Madero

– Dine al fresco in the garden at Croque Madame at the National Museum of Decorative Art on Libertador 1902

Don’t forget to use a little of your own foreign charm and go out and enjoy the “amor” of Argentina!!

Happy Valentines Day!