A homestay is the most authentic way to experience a country’s lifestyle. Not only is it a fun and popular option amongst international students and travelers, it’s also a unique adventure. Here are a 1o reasons why doing a homestay in Argentina is the choice for you!

1.You get used to your meal times flipped upside-down

Used to having dinner between 6 pm and 7 pm? Coming to Argentina will turn your routine on its head as this is a country where nightlife is the norm! Come home to an afternoon tea or “merienda” between 5-8 pm and then a yummy dinner closer to 9:30pm-10:00pm even 11:00 pm! Yup, craziness. Staying with a family will show you their customs and routines and also give you the opportunity to share.

2. You get to try all sorts of new foods (see What’s for Dinner? post)

A typical argentine dinner can often include a delicious Argentine steak, Italian style pasta, pizzas, empanadas and more. A great family dish to try is a “milanesa” with mashed potato! A homestay in Argentina gives you a chance to taste the real porteño dishes.

3. You will learn how to communicate in another language

Just as much as you want to respect the family’s’ way of life, they will want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Communication is key. From something as simple as needing a new towel or prefer coffee instead of tea in the mornings, these are things you will need to discuss with your host. Yes, this will most likely have to be in Spanish! But have no fear: you can do it! You’ll soon build a great relationship with your host and get used to how to ask for things you need in another language.

4. You will lose all language embarrassment!

If you are keen on really perfecting your Spanish this is the perfect environment to do so. No exams taken, no judgement. You may feel like you want to make a great impression, but it’s normal that you may not know how to say everyday lifestyle vocabulary.Staying in a homestay in Argentina will help you learn everyday vocabulary as well as the Lunfardo and slang!

5. Gain a Second Family

You most likely will establish a really close relationship with your host and stay in contact after you’ve gone back home. So the next time you are in Buenos Aires, you will know who to call!

6. Cost – Keep your budget to really go out and see the best of BA

One of the most attractive things about a doing a homestay in Argentina is the much better value-for-money as it includes meals (breakfast and dinner), towels and sheets, free internet, and, of course, free Spanish practice. With the money you save on meals, take advantage of weekend trips, nightlife, and everything else the city has to offer!

7. You won’t be hindered by other English Speakers

Meeting other travelers is great fun, and with your Road2Argentina Immersion Program you can come to all the weekly meetings and activities to meet other like-minded people. But spending the entirety of your trip with other English speakers can hinder how much Spanish you learn. In a homestay, with Native Spanish speakers, you will improve you speaking skills leaps and bounds without even noticing!

8. Learn new cultural practices

Observe the wonderful differences between two cultures. Argentines are very open to new cultures and traditions allowing for them (your hosts) to share theirs and you to share yours!  Have you ever seen how Argentines move their hands in gestures just like the Italians when they talk? Have you ever heard of eating ñoquis on the 29th of every month? Taking part in a homestay in Argentina will open your eyes to great new traditions and cultures that may be different than your own.

9. Have your experience tailor made

Allergic to cats? Vegetarian? Celiac?  No problem. When choosing to come on a homestay experience Road2Argentina will match you up to the best fitting host keeping all your needs in mind. 🙂

10. See the lives behind the stories

It’s happened to us all that in our Spanish textbook we read about “Pablo’s weekend away with friends” or we may even read in the news about how a humble priest from Buenos Aires was chosen to be Pope. When you come to the country and live with a local family, you start to see how these things first hand.

A host and the Roadies

All in all, let your homestay in Argentina experience be an enlightening, eye-opening, and most of all fun one! Take the opportunity to stay in a homestay you will not regret it!