Last Sunday some of us took advantage of the opportunity to see a soccer match, South American style! Crazier and a lot more crowded, we were amazed at how passionate the fans are here, and how even if you´re not a big soccer fan, you can´t help but have a great time watching such an event. From colorful smoke and banners to continuous cheers and song, the love of the game surrounded us all. “El partido¨ was held in the River Plate stadium and the hometeam (River) played against Estudiantes de La Plata. This was a great game to see because River is one of the most popular teams in Argentina (of the famous River-Boca rivalry) and Estudiantes won the championship in Argentina last year.

We all met outside the stadium an hour before the event, and luckily it was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine that ended up making it hard to see the field at times, but hey, better than rain! We navigated through the crowds and security check points and after a little confusion, finally found our entrance. We grabbed good seats and some of us grabbed a coke and hamburger, ready for the game to begin. It started off slow, but by the end we couldn´t help but get into it all hoping that someone would score a goal…(we were with some hardcore River fans so I think most of us were routing for them)! In the very last minute Estudiantes scored against River and with no time left for a comeback, the game ended 1-0. Passion sometimes leads to violence, and since we were in the stadium of the losing team, we had to wait for all the fans ¨hincha de¨ Estudiantes to leave first.

All in all, it was a great cultural experience that I think everyone should take advantage of at some point. Fútbol fans here are not just the young and athletic, but entire families, older women, and visitors just like us who want to be a part of all the excitement even for just 90 minutes.