With not long at all in Buenos Aires I felt a slight panic to get as much as possible done during my time here. This meant every morning or afternoon not volunteering I was on the hunt for cool things to do. Very hard to limit down my top 3 things with everything being so different and cool but I’m going to give it a try (In no particular order) …

  • San Telmo Market on a Sunday
    An absolute must do for anyone who loves walking at a slow pace looking at the coolest little bits and bobs. I personally am a sucker for buying useless stuff that I’m never going to use so this was my dream. Streets that went on for hours lined with stalls selling everything
    from purses and bags to belts, fur coats, Mate cups, jewellery and clothes. And don’t worry you won’t go hungry- people walking up and down selling fresh empanadas and helado just as a snack before you reach the indoor food market. Here there are stalls and restaurants
    serving every food you can imagine. We stopped for some more empanadas and then went for shawarma but the choice was really endless. AND to add to the already buzzing and vibrant street is the live music and tango dancers. Really not a day to be missed!
  • La Boca
    Before coming to Argentina, I had a vision that all of the country would look like La Boca. Coloured houses everywhere, tango dancers, cute restaurants, pebbled roads and more. The place is really buzzing and I didn’t want to leave. Walking through the streets the bright
    colours and pretty houses were great for taking photos and seeing the most colourful part of the country. There were loads of hidden shops to walk in and out of and choosing a restaurant to eat at was the hardest part of all. Each one with tango dancers performing and
    incredible authentic Argentinean food.

  • Fiesta until the sun rises
    Buenos Aires is known for a lot of things but before coming I was warned about just how crazy the night life is here. Not starting Previa until sometime after midnight and not hitting the Boliche until 3 or 4 in the morning is always going to be a recipe for success. For me the
    greatest part of it all is not being in a rush (this is something I have loved about Argentina in general). Compared to England where we quickly predrink before 11 to make sure were there before midnight, this is quite the opposite. A fun, long Previa with no time limit was always the highlight of my nights out. The Reggaeton music was really amazing and going out with completely new people every time was exciting! Arriving late of course means you don’t leave until the early hours of the morning but drunken walks home in broad daylight
    seeing people on their way to work is just great!! Ending the night with a 3 course breakfast was always the best way to top it off!