A TEFLArgentina certification stands out from other TEFL courses in Argentina for 3 key reasons: exceedingly high level of teaching, consistent evaluation pushing student’s boundaries, and close support throughout the course.

A key component to the evaluation and teaching process in a TEFLArgentina course is that each student will give English classes to foreign students and submit auto-evaluations of their teaching. Here we have two examples of English teacher in Buenos Aires Feedback from two of our TEFL students, Suvi Falú and Jessie Bauer Swofford:

Suvi’s feedback: 
“I think teaching my first lesson went relatively well. Surprisingly,  I planned out all of the activities in lessons correctly so that they fit into the allotted time. The group i taught was great. They were responsive and seemed to be enjoying the class. The information seemed to stick in their minds and I feel as if they came out of the class with good information. I felt at ease teaching the class and i really enjoyed the experience. Overall, it seemed as if both the learners and the teacher shared mutual respect and understanding for each other and the lesson.”

– Suvi Falú


Jessie’s feedback:
“I felt like my lesson today could have gone better. I skipped some of the things that I had planned because I realized that we would not have enough time. I could have explained the main activity better. I just gave the sheet and then tried to explain, but this ended up being confusing. The students, however, ended up understanding the activity in the end though. I tried to elicit the differences between present continuous and present simple using the examples from the activity we did. This worked to some extent, but I should have written on the board the explanation to make it more clear rather than just verbally explaining it.
I had a few minutes at the end where I tried to get the students to use the different tenses though conversation because I felt I did not have enough time to do another activity, but perhaps I should have. I think the time with the various activities could have been managed more and if I were to teach this same lesson again I would take out the part at the beginning with the pictures in order to have more time for something else.
I do think the students spoke a lot and I tried to engage all of the students in the activities. Generally, I could have stood up more, written on the board more and more clearly explained things. Overall, I felt that for my first time it was okay.”

– Jessie Baur Swofford

It is a great skill as both a student and a teacher to be able to see your own strengths and along with them your flaws, knowing that mistakes and weaknesses are a crucial part of learning. We are pleased to announce that Jessie was awarded a Distinction for her efforts in the TEFL course! This is not an easy feat, well done, Jessie!


We hope this English teacher in Buenos Aires feedback has helped to give you a bit of an insight into teaching English as a foreign language. Are you interested in doing a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)? Always keen to travel and go to Argentina? If you fancy taking part in the TEFLArgentina course, send us an email to director@teflargentina.org If think you are up for an immersion program in Argentina with Spanish lessons, TEFL course, internship and housing then send an email to info@road2argentina.com .