In the last “Weekend Activities” article, I recommended a restaurant to go to over the weekend- “La Casa De La Fondue“. I’d heard great things about this place so I made sure I got out to see it for myself over the weekend.

There’s two branches of the Casa De La Fondue, so make sure you don’t get the addresses muddled up! One is in provincia and the other is in San Telmo, the traditional barrio of Buenos Aires. As many of the streets in different cities here can have similar names, it’s an easy mistake to make. The address for the one we recommend is Avenida Independencia 375.

As well as cheese fondue, they do have a wide range of other dishes so if you are not a big fan of cheese, you can order a picada to share, a pasta dish or an elaborate salad such as the Waldorf or Ceasar.


We ordered a cheese fondue for two. When you order the fondue you can choose from different types and mixes of cheeses. The other cheese fondues that they offer are Cheddar, Gruyere, Spicy Red Mexican and a sea special.

We ordered the Queso Picante which had Gruyere, Fontina, and other spices. This comes with pork, chicken, beef, bread, carrots, mushrooms and meatballs to dip in the cheese. I was pleasantly surprised: when I saw all the assorted chopped up ingredients I wasn’t sure if it would be enough to fill the two of us. However, it was more than satisfying!


Another great plus about ordering the fondue is that you can ask for a free recharge of cheese at any moment and that includes changing the cheese! On finding this out we ordered the “Queso Azul” (blue cheese) which was our favourite of the two.

At La Casa De La Fondue, they also offer chocolate fondue! These options are Chocolate and Dulce Leche, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate and Nutella.  I was very tempted to then order one of these but after the main dish I only had room for a smaller dessert so I ordered the Don Pedro. This is a traditional argentine dessert with cream ice cream, walnuts and whiskey drizzled on top.

To drink, we ordered a white wine Chardonnay. As a whole it was a lovely night and very recommendable. Go from 9pm onwards for a quieter atmosphere, things start getting busier around 10pm.


Where is you favorite place for fondue? Let us know!