Monday Music – Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

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Background Info

Formed in 1985, the Argentine band “Los Fabulosos Cadillacs” are one of the most influential Ska bands in the Latin World. Ska originated in Jamaica and is a mixture of reggae, Caribbean Mento, Calypso and American Jazz.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is a mix of rock, ska, jazz, folk, and funk. But what makes the band most famous are their humorous lyrics often with political undertones.

Band Members

  • Gabriel “Vicentino” Fernandez Capello (Singer)
  • Flavio “Sr Flavio¨ Cianciarulo (bassist)
  • Sergio Rotman (Saxist)
  • Fernando Ricciardi (drummer)
  • Mario Siperman (keyboardist)

El Matador

In 1994, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs received the MTV Latino Music Award for their song “The Matador.” Meaning “The Killer,” (usually referring to a bullfighter), this Fabulosos Cadillacs song was written and sung by “Vicentino.” It was first released in their 1993 album titled “Vasos Vacios.”

“El Matador”, as I mentioned to have political references, is their most well known song and speaks about the oppression, disappearances and torture process that occurred during the years of the military dictatorship in Argentina, also known as the “Reorganization Process.” The song narrates a revolutionary (who were called the “Montoneros”) or the Matador, who is persecuted by law enforcement.

Here is a Video to their song:


Translation of Lyrics into English:

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – El Matador

We are looking killer!

They say the killer was born in Barracks

if we talk about killing my words kill

not long ago fell the Leon Santillan

and now that anytime I’m going to give

where these killer?

They say the killer I are looking

on a cold board I am waiting

crouching in the darkest of my room

rifle in hand, I hope my end

the channels you are looking matador

the matador turns you cana …

killer!, killer!, where these killer?

killer! killer!, do not go killer!

Matador, oh yeah

killer!, killer!

Wind of freedom blood combative

in the pockets of the people the old wound

day suddenly gets dark I

Murmurs, runs that knock on the door,

came the police force

look brother you finished

for fighting for a better world

That sound, are bullets,

reach me, catch me, resists,

Victor Jara, not silent.

Matador!, Killer! matador you are looking

killer! killer! matador you are killing

Matador … oh yeah matador, matador .. brave matador

They tell me the murderer of the 100 districts of Buenos Aires

I have nothing to be afraid of my words are bullets

peace bullets, bullets of justice

I am the voice of those who were silenced for no reason

by the mere fact of thinking differently, oh God

Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires if everything was better

Matador!, Killer! everything was better

killer!, killer! where you’re going matador?

killer!, ohh yeah ..

killer!, killer!

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