Ok, so the title might be a bit misleading because, as we all know or may soon find out, Italian food is pretty much a staple commodity in Buenos Aires. You can literally find it everywhere and anywhere from Indian restaurants to places that serve Asian dishes, there’s literally no escaping the food that nourishes the descendants of Roman Gods—besides, why would you want to escape the culinary inevitable?

So, I have been tasked with writing this guest blog on my experiences with Italian food in Buenos Aires and to rate my top 5 best places. Now, keep in mind that this is solely based on my palate and not all taste buds are created equally! I have attempted to maintain somewhat of a budget during my stay here, so think of this as an “Italian food on a dime” kind of post, if you will. So with that said, let’s get to it!

#5 – Ravioli de espinaca con salsa de cuatro queso

Del Pilar, Av. Gral. Las Heras 2100, Recoleta ($$)

ravioli DEL PILAR number 5 (1)

This dish was just as wonderful as it looks! Served piping hot and with a dish of freshly grated Parmesan cheese (YUM!) you cannot go wrong with this cheesy dish.

#4 – Four Cheese Pizza

Pizzería Kentucky, Av. Santa Fé 4602, Palermo ($)


This place uses fresh herbs and cheese and you can definitely taste the difference! This is NOT your pizza from back home. The pizza is served so hot that the cheese is molten and just flows off the slice like lava down a volcano and onto the plate where it taunts you to take a bite. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh, it’s just a boring cheese pizza,” well, I’m here to say, think again! You can literally taste every fleck of seasoning and the seasoning, she’s a wonderful!

#3 – Tiramisú

La Terraza, Paseo Victoria 134, Tigre ($)

Tiramisu LA TERRAZA number 3

While the Italian dish I ordered as my main course was fairly standard as Italian food goes, this Tiramisú, on the other hand, was out-of-this-world! It’s bathed in chocolate syrup, but do NOT think Hershey’s, think more along the lines of the type of syrup a god would consume and then you might come close. Aside from being utter Heaven on a plate, order a cortado to complete your after dinner experience and eat this dish very slowly, because once it’s gone… well, I suppose you could order another, it was only $40 pesos!

#2 – Tortelini de pollo con salsa bolognesa

Puerto Montt, Vicente López 2116, Recoleta ($$)

Tortelini PUERTO MONTT number 2

I found this by accident. I was attempting to eat at Romario’s (which has fantastic pizza), but I pulled a tourist error and tried to eat during the dinner rush so I wound up at this wonderful restaurant right next door. Of course I ordered Italian and who doesn’t love some good tortelini? Well, this isn’t just good, it’s fantastic! Whatever magical mixture they use to fill the tortelini (I say magical only because I cannot remember what the menu said, but you get my drift) was beyond mouthwatering! I found myself unable to put the fork down. Between the tortelini and the sauce, this was an explosion of flavor!

#1 – Risotto

La Josefina, Lafinur 3006, Palermo ($$$)

Rissoto LA JOSEFINA number 1

Before I even begin to explain this culinary delight, can I get an ¿¡Ay, Díos Mío!? ¡Qué delicioso! ¡Qué rico! Este plato… Ay! Ok, now that I’ve let that out, this dish has been my all-time favorite Italian dish throughout my entire stay. It’s a little pricey, but it is beyond a doubt, the BEST risotto I have ever had! You can’t possibly just eat this; you are required to EXPERIENCE it! The flavors alone will overwhelm your emotions and you may even shed a tear. I really have no words to describe this dish other than a suggestion, no, a command to eat it! You must try it. Besides, the pre-dinner warm up (what most people call bread) is amazing at La Josefina because it comes with two very different, yet very tasty spreadable wonders for your bread service. Warning: beware of the grape tomatoes buried throughout – they can be little grenades of hot tomato juice.

So, take from this post whatever you want from it as I am not Ina Garten or Julie, the other half of Julie & Julia (you know, the woman who spent a year blogging and cooking from Julia Child’s cookbook). I am simply a Midwestern guy who really loves to eat…. a lot! By no means are you required to follow my suggestions (except for the Rissoto), but you should most definitely explore and find your own favorite dishes, be they Italian or otherwise. Buenos Aires has so much to offer. Its food is as diverse as its people, so please, find your favorite and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or whatever the kids are doing these days… just make someone else jealous! Buen Provecho!

Thank you to our Roadie, Scott Schackmann for this awesome blog post! To see how you can become a Roadie check out our website www.Road2Argentina.com!