Nick here…This is a post for the adventurous readers out there.  I just finished a pretty amazing Argentine book that I can’t stop thinking about.

El Eternauta is only my second graphic novel (after Watchmen), but I’m fast becoming a fan of the genre.  The art is really top-notch and creates a lot of atmosphere in spite of being limited to a black and white color scheme.  There are also many references to Buenos Aires both visually and textually which make for an interesting reading experience.

The story focuses around Juan Salvo, a family man who lives in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.  After a deadly and mysterious snowfall blankets Buenos Aires, Juan and a small group set out to try and find other survivors.

The Spanish isn’t terribly hard to understand and the drawings certainly help you out.  If you’re looking for a classic Argentine book that isn’t Borges or Cortázar, look no further.  There are actually three volumes in the series so you should start with the first.  You’ll be able to find El Eternauta in any major bookstore.  Here’s the wiki, but don’t read too far ahead because there are spoilers!