Has anyone tried going to McDonald’s in Argentina? I find it ridiculously expensive compared to any other kinds of fast food and had decided that I would restrain myself from going there while I was in Argentina.

That is until a friend of mine told me a little secret!

Have you ever heard about the Big Mac index? It is an informal measure of the purchasing power parity between two currencies. It “provides a test of the extent to which market exchange rates result in goods costing the same in different countries”. Genius argentine government decided to hide the country’s inflation rate by fixing the price of the Big Mac at a much lower price than all of the other burgers. This is why the Big Mac is not particularly advertised here!

I have immediately decided to go and investigate this and found out that, (depending on which McDonald’s you go to), the prices for the Biggest burgers (like Angus bacon) are around 46$, while the smallest combos (Nuggets or Cuarto de libra) are about 36$.

Now have a guess about price of the (medium sized?) Big Mac combo!


Now this should make my wallet happy!

If you want to read more about this, the New York Times wrote a very interesting article about it called the “Big Mac Attack”.