Jakob is originally from Austria and is here in Buenos Aires with us for 3 months while doing an internship in a law and consulting company that works internationally across South America. Here’s a tap into his experience so far!

Where do you intern in Buenos Aires (what does the organization do):  A Legal and Business Consulting Company. The company is a legal and business consultancy focused on corporate law, with services ranging from labor law to Intelectual Property. With partners in the MERCOSUR market they mainly advise international clients operating in South America.
Describe a typical day in your internship: A typical day would start at 9:30-10:00 AM and end at around 17:00, but working hours are extremely flexible. My job is focused on the business development of the firm. This includes several projects which I work on either alone or with one colleague. A recent example is the development of a new business division, consulting Startup companies. My responsibilities at my internship included a full market research identifying possible clients and competitors in the industry as well as creating a new website together with our web designer.
What makes Buenos Aires a special place to intern: Buenos Aires is unique in every sense. The working environment is very friendly, open and informal. My friends that also work here have witnessed the same. Nevertheless people are still very focused and goal orientated (at least in my office).
The most interesting thing you have done as an intern: Apart from being able to work on the new business division mentioned above, I drafted a proposal for an upcoming partnership with an international law firm. The proposal was received well and the partnership process is under way!
The greatest challenge you face as an intern: Although most of my work was in English, the biggest challenge was communicating and understanding concepts in our meetings which were all held in Spanish. However after a few months I became more confident with the language!
The most valuable thing you’ve learned in Buenos Aires: Patience Patience Patience…Todo Tranquilo!!! This goes for  waiting in the restaurant a bus or something business related!
Your biggest accomplishment since arriving: I would say my biggest accomplishment is to be able to have a business discussion in Spanish. But I hope to still improve my spanish before I move back to Austria.
One fun fact about Buenos Aires: You greet/kiss everyone in your office on the way in and out! even if theres 30 employees 🙂
Advice to future Roadies: Practice your spanish before coming, and be open to a different way of working and living. Enjoy all the time you are in this beautiful country –> Not just Buenos Aires!!!