Meet this week’s Roadie, Ilse! Ilse comes to us originally from Mexico, but currently lives in California. See what she has to say about her Production Internship within the Arts and Culture here in Buenos Aires!

How long will you be in Argentina: 3 months

Where do you intern in Buenos Aires (what does the organization do): My internship is at a bilingual (Spanish and English), multicultural, and multinational podcast show. It offers different and often clashing perspectives and points of view on topics relevant to Buenos Aires such as current events, culture, the arts, history, etc.

Describe a typical day in your internship: It usually depends since I am always doing something different but my days start at 11:30 am 🙂 . As soon as I get to the office I start working on my projects-  doing outreach, interviewing people for the show, editing clips and looking for content ideas :)!

What makes Buenos Aires a special place to intern: Buenos Aires is definitely an interesting and dynamic place. A place where there is always something going on and activities to participate in. BA is definitely Europe with a Latin flavor! You get the best of both worlds!

The most interesting thing you have done as an intern: Every Tuesday at my Internship I get to watch the podcast show live, which is absolutely fascinating! I love listening to the show especially after knowing all the effort and work that went into it to create such amazing content.

The greatest challenge you face as an intern: Making sure I am accomplishing all that needs to get done! My boss provides me with a good amount of projects, which is great because it makes me feel very involved with the production of the podcast!

Your biggest accomplishment since arriving: Understanding a bit of “lunfardo” and adding new worlds to my vocabulary…. Even though I am a native Spanish speaker this trip has exposed me to a whole new language, one where strawberries are “frutillas” instead of “fresas” or where” colectivo” is a bus instead of “camión”. This has made me realize and appreciate how rich the Spanish language is as a whole.

One fun fact about Buenos Aires: Only porteños (people from Buenos Aires) speak with the “sh” sound….. not all Argentinians do that!

Advice to future Roadies: Bring a lot of cash with your for a better exchange rate. The banks give a horrible exchange rate.  Also if you like spicy food don’t forget your hot sauce because they really don’t have much spicy food here :(.

Why choose Road2Argentina: Everyone at Road2Argentina really cares about how you are doing and are always doing what they can to help you out! Everyone is super friendly and the activities that they plan are super fun!


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