Today we’re introducing our most busy Roadie: Rachel from Rockland County (NY), USA. She both interns in a hospital internship and volunteers in Road’s sustainable development project! She tells us how she combines the two projects and why volunteering in Buenos Aires is important!

Roadie Rachel: Had to gain trust from the doctors at the emergency clinic!

Roadie Rachel: Had to gain trust from the doctors at the emergency clinic!

Where do you intern/volunteer in Buenos Aires (what does the organization do): I intern in the Emergency Clinic and other areas at the public  Rivadavia Hospital  and volunteer at Road’s Sustainable Development Project which works to reduce the amount of plastic contaminating the environment and much more.

Describe a typical day in your hospital internship and at the sustainable development project: A typical day of mine includes waking up at 6 am, grabbing a large coffee and taking the bus to Palermo so I arrive in the hospital at 8-8:30 am. I walk up to the third floor and chat with the women who work in my attending doctors office. Every day in the emergency clinic is different, but always interesting and the people who work in the clinic really care, unlike some of the other hospital speciality units. At 12 or 1 pm I head out, grab a smoothie with protein powder or a sandwich from Be Juice, and take another bus over to the Male Psychiatric Hospital in La Boca. Some days the patients and I construct special fences for planting trees using recycled plastic and Adobe, and other days we just paint, chat, and drink Mate. At 5, I take a long bus ride home to Vicente Lopez, and take a nap. Usually go to the gym instead. My schedule is kind of exhausting but I love every minute of it..

The most valuable thing you have learned in Buenos Aires: The most valuable thing I have learned in Buenos Aires so far is that you should never take for granted the wonderful things you have in your life, because they could be taken from you in any moment..

The greatest challenge you face as an intern: The greatest challenge I have faced so far was definitely trying to gain trust from the doctors in the emergency clinic and understand them when speaking quickly and with medical terminology. Sometimes people don’t even speak loud enough for me to make out the words..

Why volunteering is important in Buenos Aires: I think volunteering in Buenos Aires is important not only to truly experience the gold mine of culture, but to also maybe make someone’s day. Your work may have impacted them more than you realize..

Your goal before leaving: Haven’t had too much time to think about that yet.

Your biggest accomplishment at your internship/volunteering so far: A couple of days ago I did an emergency clinic consult all by myself, blood pressure, investigation and all.

One fun fact about Buenos Aires: At some subway restaurants their are waiters who serve you and bring you the sandwich you ordered.

Advice to future Roadies: Don’t ever take taxis they will rip you off so hard.

Why choose Road2Argentina: Choose Road2Argentina because they are able to create a community of their own within the city of buenos Aires, and have created an awesome collection of internships here with fabulous opportunities.

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