Paige is originally from Monticello, Minnesota(USA), and has been with Road2Argentina for two months, successfully obtained her CELTA certificate and worked as an English teacher here in Buenos Aires! Hear what she has to say about her rewarding and unforgettable experience with Road2Argentina!

Roadie Paige:

Roadie Paige: Her best day in Argentina was when she got her CELTA certificate and drank wine while singing karaoke

Describe a typical day in your CELTA Certification Course: A typical day in my CELTA course would be waking up at 7:30am, heading on the metro for 30 minutes to get to my class at 9am. I had class from 9:30am-5pm everyday. Then after class I had to prepare for the 40-60 minute lesson I usually had to give 2-3 times a week.

Your biggest accomplishment as a CELTA student: My biggest accomplishment would be just simply getting through the course. The first day you are already assigned to give a 40 minute lesson you have to give on your own in front of 10 adult students. They don’t give you really any guidance, just throw you into it. But it was an amazing and rewarding experience by getting through that. You learn so much through this course. Also, I received an above standard on one of the lessons I gave so that was definately a big accomplishment of mine since I had no previous teaching experience.

The most valuable thing you’ve learned: The most valuable thing I’ve learned in Buenos Aires is that you can do anything you set your mind to. I had no idea I could become a successful teacher and be so independent here in another country, but by putting yourself in those situations you will surprise yourself!

Your favorite memory in Argentina: My favorite moment in Buenos Aires would be the day I graduated the CELTA. My entire class and I ended up getting wine drunk and doing karaoke. It was a great way to end the long month and lovely being together one last time before everyone went their separate ways.

The best moment in your housing: Best moment in my housing would be Marilu. She was the woman that owned the apartment. The first day I arrived I knew no one, and she made me feel so welcome and at home already. She took me to the supermarket close by my house, she offered me some snacks and we chatted for a bit. It was so kind and lovely of her to do for me. 😊

One fun fact about Buenos Aires (and you): One fun fact about Buenos Aires is that the wine is cheaper than water, so I hope you like wine. If you do, you’re in for a treat and some fun. It’s truly delicious and perfect to drink before the crazy clubs Buenos Aires has to offer. I’ve also become to love the common tea all the Argentines drink here.. mate! It’s a social drink that you must try.

What you’re going to do with your CELTA certificate: After getting my CELTA certificate I received a job in Buenos Aires teaching english to business men and women for a month. Now that I’m living in Brazil I plan to get a job soon here teaching english. Then who knows where else I’ll end up teaching english. The Celta certificate allows you to teach worldwide, so I have many options and adventures ahead of me! 🤗

Advice to future Roadies: My biggest tip is to not move the straw when drinking mate with friends. People look down on you if you do. Haha I learned the hard way with that.

Why chose Road2Argentina: I chose Road2Argentina for the support before moving to a foreign country. They were able to answer all my questions before and during my time in Argentina. I’m so grateful for the friends I made through the group and the activities and events I got to do with them. I feel like I would have been lost without this group, and definately not as comfortable. It’s a great program and I recommend anyone going to Buenos Aires to become a Roadie! 😊


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