Learn how to taste wine knowledgeably and describe what you are tasting with Road2Argentina wine-tasting classes! In this 4-meeting course, a  certified Sommelier will guide you through wine types, grapes, varietals, and the wine regions of Argentina as well as the basics of reading a wine label, and hints for smart buying. Also included are the basics of wine-and-food pairing, what matches well, what doesn’t and why.  We are proud to have Graffigna wines as our main partner.

The first course is an introduction to wine-tasting that focuses on history, methods of production, and the lexicon for wine-tasting.  Of course it also includes your first tasting session.

The second course focuses on red wines.  From the varieties of grapes to the special uses of wine barrels, this course will introduce you to the most famous kinds of Argentine Wine.

The third course deals with white and rosé wines and focuses especially on ideal food pairings.

Finally, the class comes to an end with an assortment of sparkling wines that will delight the palette.

If you are interested in our wine-tasting course, email us or visit our Argentina culture courses page on our website or come by our office at Anchorena 1676.

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