Are you looking to get involved with a hands-on volunteer project abroad? Do you have an interest in promoting and implementing the go green mentality and Sustainable Development in Buenos Aires? I think we have just what you are looking for!

NOW LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS: Sustainable Development Project

As residents of one of the largest cities on earth, porteños are realizing more and more the effect that their behavior has on the environment and are taking action to make changes. Help be a part of the growing awareness and movement with the go green mentality through the Sustainable Development Project in Buenos Aires.

This sustainable development non-profit organization is located in the traditional neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aires. The go green and sustainability methods used, taught, and implemented by the organization include: natural construction, organic farming, environmental education, recovery and reintegration of vulnerable communities. Our participants are exposed to a diverse array of go green projects offered throughout the week. Among them include workshops for children, woodwork, glasswork, farming and upholstery. They may also participate in training at schools for reuse and recycling of materials. Volunteers will also participate in eco-construction in different impoverished areas around Buenos Aires.

To participate:

  • Participants must have a basic level of Spanish
  • Minimum of 4-week commitment required
  • 10+ hours/ week, Monday- Friday (Flexible)
  • Participants should have an interest in sustainable development and working with the community, as well as a willingness to help however needed.
  • Participants should have clothes and shoes that are able to be soiled, as this position is very hands-on and will require the participant to get dirty from time to time.

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If you would like to read more about what it is like participating in this project, check out what our Roadie Alum, Zyanya has to say about it! (Or watch the video below).