Hola todos!

I’m Erin – one of the newest marketing interns at Road2Argentina (so excited to be a part of this amazing family!). I’ve left behind sunny California to plant myself in Buenos Aires for the next 3 months and am SO excited to be here!

I’ve been here for about a week and am falling in love with this place! I’ve been taking advantage of the perfect weather Buenos Aires is having right now as it transitions into fall by walking everywhere! I have quickly learned that pedestrians don’t obey the stoplights and as long as cars aren’t coming you cross the street no matter what color the light is. This can quickly turn into an entertaining, real life game of Frogger, especially because Buenos Aires is home to some of the most reckless driving I have ever seen!

Secretly, I just haven’t figure out the ever complicated bus system (for those of you in Buenos Aires, I’ve been avoiding the Guia book like the plague and using this website to tell me what bus to take, so helpful!).

My first night in Buenos Aires, an Argentine friend of mine took me to a parilla where I had my first taste of an Argentine steak. I piled on the chimichurri sauce and he warned me that it was very spicy…. I laughed after I took my first bite because it wasn’t at all, but the whole meal was still to die for! Friends who had traveled to Argentina before told me to bring my own hot sauce when I came down here, and now I get it. Why I didn’t listen I’m still not sure, what I wouldn’t give for a bottle of Cholula or Sriracha right now!

Other foods I wish I would have brought with me – peanut butter, black pepper (here, everything has only salt!), and hummus… oh yum!

Trips to the grocery store are always amusing as I notice things I would never find in a market at home – eggs on shelves, carrots the size of cucumbers, yogurt and milk packaged in bags, and the over abundance of mayonnaise (my least favorite condiment), just to get you started but the list could go on and on!

That aside, I am completely enjoying the verdulerías conveniently situated on practically every other corner that are overflowing with fresh fruit and vegetables. Unlike the in the States where you pick everything out yourself, you have to tell the employee what you’d like (what a genius way to practice some Spanish vocab!) and they do it for you.

The amount of candies and sweets here is also unreal – chocolate, dulce de leche, pastries and alfajores are everywhere… those with a sweet tooth be warned! I love my daily coffee or tea at home and have quickly grown to like and now crave mate here and love the community aspect of passing around the mate cup with your friends.

Here’s to an exciting adventure ahead and for all the amazing foods here I have yet to discover!