You dream of traveling abroad to Buenos Aires – dining on some of the world’s best steak and wine; about lazy afternoons drinking mate and nights spent dancing tango at one of Argentina’s many milongas – but hesitate because you aren’t sure you can afford it? The following ten tips will help you to get the funds for your intern, volunteer, teaching English or study abroad adventure in Argentina!

1. Create a Fund & Seek Fundraising Campaign

In order to assist future Roadies with their fundraising efforts, Road2Argentina has partnered with the professional crowd-funding website Fund & Seek. The site creates a fundraising page for you, allowing you to set financial goals, tell your story, use social media platforms to notify your friends and family of your fundraising efforts, and provides financial tools for you to receive payments and track your progress. The system is very effective and some users have raised over $2500 US Dollars for their trip abroad through Fund & Seek crowdfunding. The nine following tips can be combined with a fund & seek campaign and you’ll see that it’s a piece of cake to get your funds.

2. Tell Your Donors What’s in it for Them

Make sure you develop truly compelling rewards for your backers that tie into your story and aren’t just swag. As a rule of thumb, simply ask yourself, would I go through the trouble to buy this reward myself? Also, think about what is truly and unique and compelling you could offer. It’s alway good to combine the rewards with your planned trip to Argentina. If someone donates you a certain amount of money, they get something back, for instance:

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A nice surprise souvenir from Argentina: A mate cup

10 USD: A personalized postcard from Argentina

20 USD: A freshly baked Brownie or whatever you’re good at

50 USD: A special souvenir from Argentina

100 USD: Create calendar featuring the photos from your trip to Argentina

200 USD: You write and sing a song for someone (maybe just a poem if you can’t sing)

3. Storm Local Businesses and Get Media Attention

Go from shop to shop, introduce yourself, tell them your story and ask for a small donation. Combine with one of the other tips and try to convince them that your efforts will be some kind of marketing for the business (e.g. you make a video for their social media once you’re in Argentina, hold a presentation once your back). Also don’t forget local newspapers, radio stations and even TV channels: They will help you draw attention and if you tell them a good story, they will definitely have a great impact on your fundraising campaign.

4. Physical Challenges

Organize a sponsored walk to the top of a local mountain, a swim in the ocean or lake, a bike or roller skating ride or even a marathon and harass people for a USD here and a cent there before you go. A little tip: If you dress as Superman, Pikachu or even as a Chicken, bring some friends and a bucket to raise money from the people staring at the chicken passing by on a skateboard.

Chciken on a bike

A cash chicken: A physical challenge can bring you a lot of funds if well planned

5. Garage Sale Happening

Books, CDs, cars, clothing, housewares, jewelry; the list can be extended almost eternally. Ask everyone you know to donate items to sell and bake some cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, prepare a chili con carne or a BBQ and prepare your own Sangria or Lemonade and you’ll raise a few hundred in just a couple of hours.

6. Make the World a Better Place

Tell donors if they give you a certain amount of money, you will do something good during your stay in Argentina or alternatively in your community, here are some ideas:

10 USD: You pick up a trash bin and snap a picture with the donor’s name to show how much he or she made the world a cleaner place.

20 USD: You help a blind or elder person crossing the street or getting into public transportation.

Get money for a good reason: give back in Argentina

Get money for a good reason: give back when you’re in Argentina

50 USD: You buy apples, candies or toys and give them to kids in the villas (slums) of Buenos Aires.

100 USD: You donate a bag full of your clothes that you don’t need anymore.

200 USD: You invite a homeless person for a dinner with you.

7. Offer Your Help for a Donation

If you have any special skill, offer private or public classes, do yard work in your neighborhood, organize a car wash day or clean houses or do grocery shopping for your grandparents.

8.Tell Your Story and Use Social Media

Use all social media channels you have to tell your story and always put a link to your fund & seek page. Get money for video challenges, the ice bucket and cinnamon challenge can be adapted easily. Get money from friends for reading out a text they wrote while you’re live on Facebook. Keep your fundraising network up to date on your progress and broadcast your story to supporters as it unfolds.

9. Start Saving

Wave all holiday, birthday or Christmas gifts to request financial gifts instead. And start saving money, just 10 Dollars a week will get you over 500 Dollars in one year or try out the 52-week challenge: In the first week you put aside one Dollar and then you add a Dollar more every week into your piggy bank. After ten weeks you put 10 Dollars aside and if you do it during a year you will save 1378 USD.

10. Be Creative

The better your ideas, the more money your friends and family will donate and the more attention you get from local media and businesses. Here are just a few more ideas:

Shave your head or get hairy.

Organize a dinner, movie, pub crawl, quiz or wine tasting night or even better combine all of them into an Argentine night!

Create cookbooks with you and your friends’ and family’s favorite recipes and sell them.


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