As we get closer to the holiday season and the temperatures start to heat up here in Buenos Aires, it can be a little jarring to any American living so far from home. Here are some tips to keep in mind this Thanksgiving.

1. Forget about trying to exactly recreate your Mom’s Thanksgiving.
It’s not going to happen. For starters it’ll be tough to get your hands on any cranberry sauce and since many ingredients are different here, don’t expect your Mom’s classic recipes to turn out just like at home. But THAT’S OK! It’s part of the beauty of living in a different culture. Don’t waste too much time, energy, and frustration on recreating the perfect holiday; instead, work on creating your own cultural infusion and enjoy your day!

2. Phone home
Even though the day is going to march on here in Buenos Aires like nothing is going on, you know your loved ones back home are going to be watching the Macy’s parade, football, and eating until they are stuffed like those turkeys. Give them a call to let them know even miles away you are still thinking of them on the holiday. Even better, get on a video Skype connection and have your family prop the laptop right on the table for a virtual Thanksgiving experience.

3. Share your holiday with others
Be proud of your culture and your holiday! Part of the cultural exchange of living in another country means exchanging bits of your own culture. Tell your local friends about Thanksgiving, what it means, what we eat, and all of your own traditions.

4. Go to an American restaurant
Many restaurants cater to Americans living in Buenos Aires and are offering full Thanksgiving menus. The restaurants will be filled with other Americans like you trying to find that Thanksgiving experience. Try Kansas in Palermo

5. Remember what Thanksgiving is really about
It’s about being thankful!! You are living a life that most people only dream about. Enjoy your time abroad and be thankful for this wonderful experience. Be thankful for the friends you’ve made while abroad and be thankful to have friends and family who are missing you back home.

6. Beef?
In the end, if you can’t get your hands on any turkey- take the turkey in the picture’s advice. This is Argentina after all!!!