Hola, Roadies past, present and future!
Today, we’re going to meet Amy, our first Roadie of the Week and a very special chica here at the Roadhouse.

Amy: Roadie Extraordinaire!

Amy has already been in Buenos Aires three months, working as an intern in the communications department of a local NGO. Having studied English with a concentration in film while a student at Boston University, she says her film-intensive internship has been the perfect way to segue her university education to practical professional skills. As an intern, Amy has been assisting the NGO by making promotional videos that encourage international volunteers to come work in local orphanages and soup kitchens here in Buenos Aires.
For Amy, doing an internship here in Argentina has been a unique experience, not just because of it’s far from home but also because she has more freedom here as an intern. Working in Argentina, Amy says she is given more valuable work than she would have in a similar position in the U.S. And more importantly, having made it through the challenge of working in a second language and foreign country, she believes she has grown up and will be able to face more challenges back home with her new skill: adaptability.
With only a few weeks left and already famous at her favorite local panaderia, Tucuman’s Empanadas, for her daily visits, Amy knows she has left her mark on Buenos Aires. Her tip for future roadies? Get out there and talk to Argentinians! “I learned so much just from talking to people about their culture and their politics. It was really rewarding to meet a lot of locals and get a look at life here as more than just a tourist.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!
To find out more about how you too can get an internship with Road2Argentina, check out our Internship Program or send an e-mail to info@road2argentina.com!