Eight weeks into her time in Buenos Aires, here is Molly’s take on travel, Spanish and living in the Paris of the South!



Hometown: I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the U.S., a little Midwestern city famous for beer, sausage and cheese!
Internship Placement: I work as an intern at an intermediate non-profit that promotes the development of the Argentine civil sector. I generally research funding opportunities, translate documents and write grant announcements to be published on the organization’s website.
Why Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires is in every sense the Paris of the South, a teeming and outrageously gorgeous place filled to the brim with French architecture, scenic parks and truly decadent pastries.
Favorite thing to do in the city: Although I’ve enjoyed the many cultural events constantly taking place here, simply sitting in a tiny Argentine café with a medialuna and a café con leche and watching the world bustle by is one of my favorite BA activities.
Favorite Spanish lunfardo: Que onda!
Goal before leaving: To see the abuelas march at the Plaza de Mayo.
Biggest accomplishment while here: When I finally mastered the voseo and could integrate it successfully into my daily Spanish conversations!
Favorite restaurant: Though Buenos Aires has an impossibly huge and mouth-watering restaurant scene, Cumana in Recoleta whips up the most delicious empanadas and cazuelas, a traditional deep-dish Argentine casserole.
Best memory in the Roadhouse: The group cooking nights we had putting together huge meals and spending hours talking and laughing together.
Tip to newcomers: Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone! Living in this vibrant city is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so be sure to dare yourself to try new things.
Why choose Road2Argentina: Successfully finding an internship abroad can be very difficult, but Road helps tremendously with the challenges that come with finding work overseas and transitioning to life in that country.


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