Time for us to introduce our favorite Scot, Lucy, here on an Argentine adventure for two months!
Where are you from: Dundee, Scotland
Why Buenos Aires: I chose Buenos Aires mainly because I wanted something new, different and exciting! I’d never been to South America before, and it’s a city I’d heard had a certain charm. It definitely does. Yes, you may get sick of the always packed metro and streets or the constant beeping of car horns (they have an obsession), but there’s just something that makes you love this city and the way of life.
I study Law and Spanish at University back home, and combining a law internship with practicing my Spanish plus having an amazing summer sounded worth it.
Favorite thing to do in the city: Roller-skating in the Rose Gardens in Palermo was an experience…Also San Telmo market takes you straight to the hustle and bustle of the city. Though chilling having coffee with friends outside in a café is really relaxing.
Favorite spanish word: Parilla, which is their steakhouse. Nom nom.
Goal before leaving: Really learn more about Argentine law, the differences from Scotland and the similarities, and try to get as much out of the internship as I can.
Biggest accomplishment while here: Probably being able to give directions successfully to people who ask who are Argentine! One person was even surprised I wasn’t from Buenos Aires…yesss, living like a local/ attempting it.
Favorite Café: Probably either Delicious café on Laprida which another roadie discovered recently (chicken crepes), or Siga La Vaca – an all you can eat parrilla buffet with salad bar – AMAZING.
Also, empanadas and alfajores are an absolute must for Buenos Aires.
Best memory in the Roadhouse: I still have a whole month before I leave, but I would say the times when everyone in the Roadhouse is just sitting talking until the early hours of the morning. Sometimes its serious conversations and debates about issues, sometimes it’s the can’t-stop-laughing conversations. Or when we all go out as a big group (which is often) for a meal and drinks. Or every single good-bye dinner and night out (there are a lot…).
What skill/experience you’ll take back with you: The try-anything and go with the flow attitude which is pretty much essential here.
Biggest tip to newcomers: Don’t be afraid to get lost in the city. I only found out recently that the best way to explore is to take a map, get off at a random subte station and just walk. Possibly go with friends but really try to take in the feel of the different barrios. Los porteños are very friendly and so if you do need directions, just ask someone!
Why choose Road2Argentina: The opportunity to meet people so quickly through the Roadhouse is invaluable. It puts you at ease when you arrive in a strange city where you know no one, and you are greeted by lots of friendly people willing to help you out and include you in the group. Also, Road2Argentina sends a weekly email of things to do in the city that you maybe hadn’t thought of, so you are never stuck for things to see and do!


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