We are presenting today Lisanne, our fabulous Roadie from the Netherlands (not Holland!) who stayed 9 weeks in Buenos Aires, loving every minute of it.




Describe a day at your internship or volunteer placement: I worked in a kindergarden and I loved it. When I came in to work the children ran at me and bombarded me with kisses and hugs. All the teachers were also very nice and friendly. The day started out with singing songs and I learned a lot of songs like “Cucaracha” and “En El Auto de mi Papa”. After that the children read books – well they are so little at 3, 4 or 5 years old that they do not really know how to read but they look at pictures. It improved my Spanish a lot because I got to look at the pictures too and reading children books is really good! Then afterwards we go dancing and then it is time to have some snacks. The children here eat a lot of cookies! Bad for me, because I really like cookies so I ate a lot, too. What I found really interesting is that all the girls have earrings. In Holland I believe it is illegal. When I said that to the profesora she told me her opinion, which was a little bit funny: “Well, I think it is not child abuse. I think it is weird that in Holland you can smoke marijuana but parents can not get their child’s ear pierced.”
Why Buenos Aires: Well, this is interesting. I wanted to learn Spanish because I think it is a very pretty language and I think it gives me a privilege in business when I speak multiple languages. Anyway I wanted to go far from home and my parents and many friends asked me, why not Spain? Well it is way toooo close to home and everyone will visit me. I chose Argentina for several reasons – my friend from France went here and she loved Buenos Aires, and she told me a lot about it. The other reason is that my Queen Maxima is Argentine and furthermore it seemed like it was one of the safest countries in South America.
Favorite thing to do in the city: EATING Dulce de Leche (aka: Dulce de Diablo because I am eating it way too much). Luckily for me I heard that they also have Dulce de D. in Scotland. My second favorite thing is going to the boliches (clubs) !!!
Favorite lunfardo word: Que quilombo !!! Che, boludo!!
Goal before leaving: My goal was to visit the Malba museum but I just had a look at the line and the line was about half of Buenos Aires so there is no way I will get in before I leave this ciudad mágica de Buenos Aires
Biggest accomplishment while here: Getting up in the morning every day and going to my Spanish classes and volunteering while also going out 3 or 4 days to the boliches every week. It also seems to be a big accomplishment to not lose your iphone here! I also went a couple of times to the cinema and even though I only had 5 weeks of Spanish class then, I understood la película.
Favorite bar: Rose bar!! I go there every week to eat free sushi.
Best memory in the Roadhouse: I loved the pizza parties in the residence! The best pizza I ever had! I also enjoyed going out with all the people living there, especially in the beginning when there were about 20 people. Everyone was really nice. I am still sad that poeple come and go, I wish we could all stay for a year here!
What skill you’ll take back with you: I wish I could take home the skill of being able to prenounce the ERRE pero no es possible para mi ahora. Being able to eat dulce de leche todo el día is a skill I’m taking home, but not sure if I needed this… I also know how to make empanadas and Dulce de Leche 🙂
Biggest tip to newcomers: Take dollars or euros with you because you can change cash at a better rate. Also take winter clothes because winter here is not really what I thought it was. I thought winter would be like summer in Holland. No, it really is cold! My parents were a bit afraid when I said I wanted to go to South America, and my dad prepared me for everything – he gave me a bag full of medicines (I think I am able to overcome every disease that comes my way because I got everything, even a special mosquito net) but when I came here, I noticed I am not in the jungle and I didn’t need any of it. Also in Dutch we say: ja or jaja for YES but when an Argentina person says jajajaja it means HAHAHAH. When I was talking to my Argentine friend I asked, “Why are you saying yes to everything I say??”


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