Why Buenos Aires? Find out from our latest Roadie of the Week, all the way from Vancouver, Canada, Emma!




Why Buenos Aires: I have always been fascinated with Argentina, so I decided to stop over for a month during my tour of South America. It was great to experience what it is like to be a porteño, something you only understand after spending a good amount of time in and around Buenos Aires.
Favorite thing to do in the city: Explore different barrios, parks and attractions with other Roadies.
Favorite Spanish word: También
Goal before leaving: To be able to communicate in Spanish and too feel like I know the city well.
Biggest accomplishment while here: Being able to cross off ‘living in Buenos Aires’ from my bucket list.
Favorite foods: Empanadas, choripan, and tramontana ice cream.
Best memory: Going on weekend adventures to Montevideo and the iguazu waterfalls with other Roadies.
What you’ll take back with you: Some basic Spanish skills.
Biggest tip to newcomers: Bring American cash or Euros.


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