Drum roll, please! Our latest Roadie of the Week: Adrienne from Baltimore, Maryland, now wrapping up her two months of adventure in Buenos Aires.
What are you doing here in the city: I have an internship at two different schools, a kindergarten and a primary school. At the primary school, I help teach in the three-year-old classroom, which means I get to play with them all morning. At the primary school, I help teach English in the first grade classroom.
Why Buenos Aires: Everyone raves about how unique and special Buenos Aires is, and they are not kidding. Having traveled briefly to Paraguay and Costa Rica in the past, Buenos Aires is vastly different than many other places in South America. It is like a little bit of Italy, South America and New York City combined.
Favorite thing to do in the city: Checking out the ferias, or outdoor markets, that pop up all over the city on Saturdays and Sundays. Many of the ferias require that all items be at least semi-homemade, meaning souvenirs for family/friends can be authentically Argentinian. The city of Buenos Aires website has info about all the ferias and maps that show you how to get there (a definite lifesaver).
Favorite lunfardo word: “Bolazo”, which means obvious lie or exaggeration.
Goal before leaving: To become more proficient in Spanish, as that is what I study at my university in the United States.
Biggest accomplishment while here: This will sound silly, but everyday the students at the kindergarten sing a song that involves first the girls, then the boys, and then the entire classroom standing up and jumping around. After weeks of just humming along and saying a word here or there, I can finally understand and sing all the words. The teachers at the school all gave me a round of applause when I was first able to sing it by myself. 
Favorite restaurant: Mole Mexican restaurant in Belgrano is good when you are craving some spicy food and free chips with two types of salsa.
Best memory in your homestay: My homestay has been so awesome, and my favorite moments occur when the entire extended family comes over for dinner. They are all very engaging and tolerant of my lack of fluidity with the Spanish language. Even with the language barrier, it does not take much to realize how hilarious they are. It’s also quite a sight to help my housemom wash her tiny, three pound dog in the sink.
What skill you’ll take back with you: Learning how to adapt quickly to a new environment is a skill that I had to acquire in order to be useful at my internship. That along with learning how to not be afraid to make mistakes is what has made my experience and my Spanish speaking abilities so much better.
Biggest tip to newcomers: You have to swipe to get into the bank ATM area… unfortunately, it took me a day or two of standing outside wondering what was wrong for me to realize that. Also, whether you will be here for 8 months, 2 months, or 2 weeks: Get a SUBE card (which you can use for the bus and the subway). Not only will it save you money, it will save you the headache of searching for coins to pay for the bus.
Why choose Road2Argentina: I wanted to engage with the culture, language and environment here in a way that cannot be done by simply sitting in a classroom. My internship has given me a huge look into what my (hopeful) future as an educator will be like. I have had a blast, learned a lot and helped to build my resume, and that’s why Road2Argentina is unique.
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