Now presenting Edward: here in Buenos Aires all the way from Sydney, Australia!


How long are you here in Bs As: I’ve been here for almost three months, and have just over a week left. I’m definitely going to miss this place.
What do you do here: I’ve been volunteering with a local charity organisation. Each weekday, we travel into the poorer areas of Buenos Aires (known as “villas”) and provide the kids with free, after-school attention and education. It’s been great getting the chance to motivate these kids to create opportunities for themselves so they can thrive in such a socially disparate metropolis.
Why Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires just seemed like a beautifully diverse and energetic city where our charity work could be put to good use. The history and culture of this city is also so constantly inspiring.
Favorite thing to do in the city: Having picnics in the parks of Buenos Aires with friends from the Roadhouse. Nothing beats the people watching in the South American Sun.
Favorite Spanish word: “Estacionamiento”.
Goal before leaving: Learn how to pronounce “Estacionamiento”.
Biggest accomplishment while here: Finally mastering the public transport system here. I spent way too much time in my first week of Buenos Aires staring out of bus windows wondering if I’d ever be able to find my way home.
Favorite place to eat: La Fabrica del Taco in Palermo. The food is by no means “traditionally Mexican”, but who can argue with a damn tasty taco regardless of its shape and size?
Best memory in the Roadhouse: Just getting to know everyone else in the Roadhouse. I’ve made some amazing friends here, and just getting to have long conversations with my new housemates over a cooked dinner reminds me of why I travel in the first place.
Biggest tip to newcomers: Learn as much Spanish as you can while you’re in Buenos Aires. It makes the trip infinitely more enjoyable to be able to communicate and engage with the locals in daily life. Actively seek out the awkward, anxiety-ridden language barriers that you’d usually run from, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The people here are friendly and would love to help you out.
Why choose Road2Argentina: Road2Argentina was always organised and professional, and the communication I had with them always felt personal and committed. They’ve been great to me during my stay.


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