Located at the tip of South America, Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world. It is the birthplace of tango, home to the mate drinkers (and lovers) and has world recognized beef! Its capital is also one of the world’s most outstanding cities- Buenos Aires! Here are 10 reasons to travel to this wonderful city.


1. The Paris of South America:

Big city livin. It is easy- the cosmopolitan feel, the remarkable architecture, top fashion trends, trendy boutiques, and quaint and charming cafes makes this city a prime destination for any world traveler! You will be swept away with the European elegance, Latin flare, and Buenos Aires high energy!


2. Food and Drink in Buenos Aires:

The best way to get to know a city is through the food. Which should not be a problem here in Buenos Aires, as the food is deliciously amazing. The blends of flavors come to together in some incredible traditional cuisine. As we all know the most important food staple here is the beef. Some would call it- the steak capital of the world. “Parillas” or steakhouses are located across the city allowing you to taste for yourself the tender, juicy, delicious meat Argentinians are proud of. Cuts vary from short rib, to molleja (sweetbreads), to chinchulines (intestine). You name it, they cook it! Check out Lo de Paka for a real Parilla experience. Lets not forget all the other scrumptious foods Argentina has to offer-  picadas, empanadas, alfajores, and media lunas- just to name a few of the other typical foods here in Buenos Aires, Argentina! There are so many tempting options, making the decision will be difficult!

ready mate

You can not fully experience the food and drink culture of Buenos Aires without drinking out of a metal straw. This is what they like to call Mate. Mate is a grassy, earthy, bitter, tea-like drink that (almost) all Argentinians drink on the reg. Just a heads up, the taste is definitely acquired, so for those who don’t like it the first time, I say give it a second chance (or add a little sugar)!


3. Language in Buenos Aires-

Spanish or “castellano” as they call it here in Argentina is not only one of the most useful languages in the world but also one of the romantic languages of the world! It is the native language of more than 20 countries around the globe, supporting the idea of learning a second language. The beautiful nuances of Argentinean Spanish is something you will not hear anywhere else in the world. And what better way to learn a second language than immersing yourself in it?  Check out what “Expose Buenos Aires” blog has to say about the must know slang words here in Buenos Aires to get you speaking like a Porteño in no time!


4. Porteños:

The locals are extremely friendly and will most likely greet you (and everyone else) with a kiss on the cheek- don’t be alarmed! The people of Buenos Aires are open, outgoing, kind, passionate, and friendly. They are very helpful and enjoy conversing and exchanging ideas, values, views with visitors from abroad. They are blunt and will tell it as it is, there is no beating around the bush. Life in BA is lively, energetic, and stimulating .You will feel the hustle and bustle of this metropolis and meet the people who follow along with it.


5. Culture and Tradition in Buenos Aires:

Buenos Aires is a cultural hub. Here you will find that the booming theater scene attracts people from not only South America but worldwide. The distinguished Teatro Colon is just one of the many venues here. This theater and opera house is considered one of the five best concert venues around the world, cool huh? Buenos Aires is filled with culture and tradition throughout the city- in barrios like Recoleta, in cultural centers, through famous literary artists (Jorge Luis Borges), and the impressive cinema. Many people would also agree that Buenos Aires is synonymous with Tango. As the world capital of tango, you will find this city to be filled with numerous tango shows and “milongas” (places to dance tango).  Try not to get caught up in the tourist traps and instead make your way to the more traditional places. You won’t want to miss out on this typical, sensual, and passionate dance that encompasses the music, the lyrics, the steps and years of Argentine tradition. Check out Centro Region La Leonesa.

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6. Not expensive at all:

The low cost of living allows for travelers to take full advantage of the city. With the rate of the AR peso to the US dollar being 8 to 1 (officially) most expenses you will have in the city result to be fairly cheap. The public transportation for example, that will/can take you anywhere in the city and the surrounding areas will amaze you as to how easy, rather efficient, and economical it is.


7. Soccer/ Futbol in Buenos Aires:

Passion. Way of life. Some would call it the unofficial sport of Buenos Aires, though I would call it the official sport. The locals live for this stuff. These soccer matches can get pretty crazy, a whole another experience compared to your typical football/baseball/basketball games back home. If you get a chance to see a Boca Juniors Vs. River Plate game you are in luck- it is probably the biggest rivalry this city has. Whichever game you get to attend the tickets are pretty cheap and the experience is amazing.


8. BA Nightlife:

You better have come prepared to be a night owl! The city of Buenos Aires never sleeps. The porteños know how to party. A typical night in Buenos Aires starts about 9:30/10/10:30 pm where friends and family gather to eat dinner at a Parilla or any other restaurant/home around the city. This dinner will usually last until about midnight where they will then begin the “night.” You may go grab a drink and then make your way to the night club around 2:00 am or later. Yep 2:00 am! The party ends when the sun comes up! Whatever your preference of music and dancing is, there is a boliche (night club) for you!  Here you will find where to go each night of the week 🙂 Of course there are options for those who choose to not stay up that late. Cafes, theater, restaurants, bars, are all open late so even if you would prefer to grab a drink/coffee/mate with a friend at 12:00 am there are options for you as well! 


9. Travel in Argentina

Had enough of city life? Take a day trip to el Tigre. Here there are more 5,000 square miles of islands. You will be able to enjoy market lined streets, eat a meal at a resturant along the river, and relax in the open spaces and read a book!  Another option which is always a good, take a  purely relaxing weekend vacation to the coast. Mar del Plata, or Pinamar that has less tourists. If you are looking for a small town getaway, indulge in the history of Colonia, Uruguay. After the short ferry ride you will experience the picturesque town that was founded by the Portuguese, sip a cup of coffee, and walk around the artisan antique shops. Lastly, if you have ample amount of time check out Patagonia, Mendoza, the North (of Argentina), and Iguazu Falls… just to name a few. Being in BA allows for an easy commute to hop on a plane to other places both in Argentina as well in South America, you have it all “next door.”


10. Shopping in Buenos Aires:

As surprising as this may sound Buenos Aires has some pretty amazing shopping. You have the trendy district of Palermo where you will find streets lined with boutiques and cafes, shopping malls (Abasto, Alto Palermo, Dot, etc) and the leather district in Villa Crespo. Not to mention the many markets around the city (San Telmo, Recoleta, plalermo, etc) that are a must!

So who is ready to hop on a plane and experience Buenos Aires for themselves?!