In the original 1964 comic Mafalda appears as a 6-year-old girl, which would make 2015 her 59th birthday! Happy 59th Birthday!

Fun Facts

– It is also the 51st anniversary since she was first created and 50th anniversary since she was first published in the newspaper.

– In 1976, Mafalda was chosen to be part of the Declaration of Children’s Human Rights

Mafalda has been published in over 30 countries in 15 languages!

Mafalda realizing the difference between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (Image taken from

Mafalda realizing the difference between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. (Image taken from

Mafalda is concerned about humanity, world peace and the general problems that occur in modern society.

The original comic strip was written by Argentine cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado for famously known as Quino. The cartoons are funny but also eye-opening and intelligent at the same time.

The 8 characters of Mafalda

  1. Mafalda- main character and the comic title
  2. Felipe (her first friend)- Hates school and homework. He is a huge fan of the Lone Ranger.
  3. Manolito
  4. Susanita – her best friend. Being “Susanita” became a well-known slogan, based on the character, for a woman whose great objective in life is to get married and have many children.
  5. Miguelito- The youngest of the group of friends.
  6. Libertad
  7. Guille – her younger brother
  8. Mafalda’s Parents – We don’t actually know the name of her Father, although her mothers name is Raquel.

So come join us here in the wonderful world of Mafalda!

When you are here in Argentina try to get your hands on a Mafalda doll, book or T-Shirt, or statue and take picture while on you’re on your Road2Argentina internship, volunteer placement, TEFL Course or just relaxing in your housing spot!