Soon you won’t just think of Hollywood when it comes to great films. You may, or may not, be surprised to hear that Argentina has actually made Oscar winning and nominated, films! Not only are they a great way to practice hearing  Argentine (or Castellano) version of Spanish, but they are also very well made films.

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In the majority of the best films, there are two reappearing actors: Ricardo Darin and Guillermo Francella.

El Secreto En Sus Ojos

Our recommendation is without a doubt the Oscar winner, El Secreto En Sus Ojos(The Secret in Her Eyes). This film not only won an Oscar, but there was a Hollywood version (in English) made a few years later. Make sure you see the Argentine version!

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El Secreto De Sus Ojos is about three lawyers that work in the Tribunal Courts in the city centre of Buenos Aires. A murder case involving a rape comes into the court, that they never manage to completely solve. Years later Benjamin Espósito (Darín) is sure he can close the case with a conviction, but not everyone who was involved is as keen to re-open past memories. I won’t say any more, so make sure you check it out! If you like a good mystery and thriller film, this one’s for you!

Nueve Reinas:

Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens) was Oscar nominated film about a pair that go through with a plan to make money as confidence tricksters, but it doesn’t quite end up like you expect! For those who like crime, thrillers, and/or dramas, this one’s calling your name!

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Relatos Salvajes:

Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) was also an Oscar-nominated film. This film came out in 2014, one of the most recent of all the Argentine films. This film is a compilation of various stories. This comedy, drama, and thriller is definitely a must see!

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Other great Argentine films to watch:

  • Un Novio Para Mi Mujer (A boyfriend for my wife)
  • Metegol
  • Son of the Bride

So which one are you going to watch this coming weekend? Are there any missing that you would add to this list?

Written by Rachel Hine