Hello, I’m Aurélie, the new marketing intern at Road2Argentina. This is my first time in Buenos Aires and I’m taking my time to discover this amazing city. It is very different to all other cities that I have visited.  Each ‘barrio’ has its unique culture and landscape and there’s always something to do.

Plaza Mitre

I have started my visit with the ‘barrio’ of Recoleta, where Road2Argentina is located. Most people say this neighborhood is ‘the little Paris’ of Buenos Aires. I must admit that, at first sight, I did not see any resemblance between the two but I changed my mind after a visit this week end.

Walking towards the center of Recoleta, you can find many similarities with the French capital in the arquitecture and the paved streets. You can drink coffee or maté  with a few ‘medialunas’ (argentine croissants) at one of the café and terrace restaurants.

The ‘museo de bellas artes’ also has a beautiful collection of paintings including French artists such as Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas or Paul Gaugain but also Argentinian artists such as Martin Malharro or Fernando Fader.

Recoleta cementary entrance

The ‘cementario de la recoleta’ also reminded me of the French ‘Père Lachaise’. This cementary attracts a lot of tourists that come to see the grave of Eva Perón, Raul Alfonsín, and Juan Manuel de Rosas.

Other interesting things to see in the neighborhood of Recoleta include the beautiful ‘Floralis Genérica’, a giant steel flower located in the ‘Plaza Naciones Unidas’, or the craft market every Sunday, where you can buy ‘churros con dulce de leche’ or souvenirs.

Floralis Generica