As we know Argentina is the country with the most days off… Here is a description of our August vacation day!

On the August 17th, Argentina recognizes the death of General Jose de San Martin. Jose de San Martin is commemorated for his liberation of Argentina from the Spanish. He is considered one of the “Padres de la Patria” (founding fathers) of the nation. Not only is he highly respected and recognized in Argentina, but in Peru and Chile as well as he also assisted in their countries fight to freedom.

August 17th (or this year the 18th it is celebrated) is a public holiday, meaning there are no governmental operations, schools are closed, as well as many other businesses and stores. Without a doubt you will definitely smell asado coming from all over the city as many Argentine families will be cooking typical cuisine. Most porteños will spend the day together eating, drinking, and socializing in honor of their country.

Below is a video clip (in Spanish) explaining in a little more detail the life and success of General Jose de San Martin

Photo Credit:  http://www.noticiario-sur.com.ar/wp-content/uploads/2014/…


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