Buenos Aires is a cafe culture. This means any time is a good time to go by yourself or with a friend and to sit down at a cafe with a coffee. Sit for 10 minutes or sit for 3 hours, it doesn’t matter, just go. One of the many advantages to living in Argentina is mimicking the local culture by taking time to make time for yourself and for a friend. A coffee is a perfect excuse to take a break from your day to relax and reboot!

Before you take a seat though there are a few basics to know about the coffee you will be ordering. First of all, if you come from the USA expect the coffee to be about 10x smaller than what you are used to and pretty much the only to-go cups are at Starbucks. But getting it to-go would defeat the purpose of enjoying cafe life, so I say skip the Starbucks while you are living in a city with a plethora great coffee options.

Here are the standard types of coffee you can order in a cafe:

Cafe corto– Essentially espresso. It’s a shot of coffee with no milk.

Cafe cortado– An shot of espresso but with a little bit of milk.

Cafe con leche– Coffee and milk, served in a nice big mug

Cafe lagrima– A shot of milk, with a teardrop of coffee

Some other things unique to Buenos Aires cafe life is that you almost always receive a tiny little glass of sparkling water with your coffee and usually a little tiny cookie or biscotti to accompany your drink.

Well that’s our brief summary of cafe living here in Buenos Aires. And for those of you who sat and read this entire blog, good job! Now be a true porteño and go out and take a break in a cafe!