Should I travel young? Isn’t it better to wait till I’m older and may have more money? What about my job? What about my boyfriend/girlfriend/cat? If you are asking yourself any of these questions just stop right there!

1. Interviewers are valuing a well-travelled person more!
Good school grades and going to college/university will always be important. But in this day and age it is rare that someone from your school will not get into any universities. Nowadays in the interview you need something that makes you stand out and shows that you can deal with unexpected situations.

2. Open your mind to the immenseness of this world
One of the nicest things about talking to people from all over the world is that they usually understand how complex life is to be able to admit they really don’t know anything at all. Meeting a person with this kind of humble attitude is a rare find and there is nothing so humbling quite like travelling. After seeing the living situations of many in third world countries, and the happiness and appreciation they show daily, never again will you look at your life the same way.

The Andes Mountains (Photo Credit: Ian Perry)

The Andes Mountains (Photo Credit Ian Perry)

3. Make the most of the energy you have!
It’s no secret that at 18-28 years old you are going to have much more energy to move around than you will have at 35. Travelling with the creature comforts is fine, but make sure you don’t look back one day to regret not having hiked Machu Picchu, skied in Bariloche, or stayed up until 5am on an Argentine night out.

4. Become a more interesting person to know and talk to
Dinner table conversation just got much more interesting with you there! How many of your friends know how to give directions in Spanish AND dance tango?


R2A BA 9
5. Learn to manage your finances
Being on your own and having to plan out your meals, laundry and travels between cities will change the way you look at your finances. Suddenly you start thinking ahead of time and know how much you need.

6. Your 20’s are for making mistakes with no consequences  
Ok, so you spent all you money on that gorgeous leather handbag and ran out of money for dinner and had to call mom up for help. We’ve all been there. Things get a lot more intense when you’re fending for yourself and your budget is the real thing! Make the most of this time when it’s OK!

7. Eat & drink food from all around the world with your 20 something metabolism
It’s no lie that in the next 2 decades our metabolism slows down and we have much less energy to hit the gym. Those yummy pizzas, pastas and empanadas are so worth the trip! But filling your face at your twenties will show very little disadvantages (other than you will really miss an asado when you get back home).


Delicious Medialunas

8. If done right, it doesn’t have to be expensive!
Travelling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Planning and checking out the best options can make everything much easier for you. Using a company like Road2Argentina can mean that you have someone sorting out your housing, airport pick-up and getting an internship placement too. If you sign your email up to your favourite (or various different) airlines, they will send you updates of promotions and discounts you can get ahead of time, which is a huge help when you are then spending more on fabulous red wine!

9. Less responsibilities = More Freedom
Although some people are an exception.. the majority of young people do not have children to take care of, mortgages to pay, cars to get serviced and husbands that want to accompany every decision. We all have things tying us down, which may make us scared of making that leap of faith to go travelling. But in your early twenties you can take control much easier of your fate and throw everything in the air and go to South America for 2 months. After all, quitting your first coffee-making job to learn a second language is a much easier decision to make than leaving a career!

10. Meet people with as little commitments as you
This point goes hand in hand with the last one. Married 30-something life is pretty similar whichever country you’re in. Travelling young will open doors for you to meet people your age to go out and make friends with. Even if you come with no strings attached at 40, you may find it harder to get invited to check out the local clubs.

11. Fall in love
I don’t think anyone I know specifically planned their trip with a goal in mind of meeting an other-half. But as they always say “when you least expect it”…. Maybe while volunteering you connect with another volunteer, or you go weak at the knees for a native in a local activity. This could create a new chapter of your life. And if you don’t find love, you will no doubt make the most of this time to really get to know yourself and love the space to do as you please!

12. Living to an old age is not guaranteed
Although living forever and making spread out plans to see every place in the world is not a bad goal, unfortunately, we cannot count on definitely having those days in our control. Life being unpredictable does not mean we have to make crazy spontaneous decisions about everything, but just make sure you don’t put something off that you’re afraid to lose.

When I think of the people I know who postponed travelling the world, I realise they most likely never got around to doing it! On the other hand, those who waited to go college, grad school or start their first job, all got around to those things in the end (or realised life had other plans for them).

When will we be seeing you here to get to know the wonderful city of Buenos Aires? The time is NOW!