It’s not even winter yet down here in Buenos Aires but temperature has already fallen close to freezing at night. As fall comes to an end, residents of Buenos Aires are reminded of our proximity to Antarctica as polar winds bring the temperature down. Not to worry, however, there is no need to bunker down at home just counting the days and waiting for the Spring, there are many ways to keep warm during the Argentine winter!

1. Submarino
This variation of the traditional hot chocolate will warm you up from the inside out. The traditional submarino consists of a steamy cup of hot milk accompanied by a bar of chocolate. Slowly swirl your bar of hot chocolate into the milk and watch the sweet chocolate slowly melt into the milk and make it as strong or as weak as you’d like! Find it at many of the historic notable bars of Buenos Aires.

Crowded Argentine Subte

Crowded Argentine Subte (Photo taken from

2. It’s always summer in the Subte
If you’re walking the streets of Buenos Aires and freezing, pop down into the nearest Subte stop and take it to your destination. The Subte is where you can find eternal summer. The packed trains, especially during rush hour, are always hot. Five minutes on the train and you will be dying to peel off your layers (if you have enough room to do so).

3. Locro 


Delicious Locro ( Photo taken from

This hearty stew from that originated in the northern provinces of Buenos Aires is a steaming bowl of goodness. A mix of white corn, white beans, chorizo, pork, potatoes, carrots, squash and whatever else is in the kitchen is cooked for hours making for a very thick stew. Locro will warm you right to your bones and for extra heat, ask for a spicy sauce to top it off. Check out where to get some of the best Locro in Buenos Aires.

Boliche Buenos Aires

L’arc Buenos Aires. Photo taken from

4. Dance up a sweat
It may be cold outside, but Buenos Aires nights are always hot thanks to the many dance options available. For a hot salsa, to a sensual tango, or to a jam-packed vibrating nightclub, you are bound to find a way to heat up your nights. For salsa dancing check out La Salsera or La Viruta for salsa and tango dancing. For nightclubs the options are endless, try mega club Crobar or try Lost’s hot hip-hop Wednesdays.

5. Piping-hot mate- 


Argentina’s favorite drink and pastime, mate, served piping hot will provide you with endless warmth. Sipping mate is acceptable at pretty much all occasions so keep your mate going all day long. Hint- holding your mate cup tight is a great way to keep  your hands warm too. Just don’t forget to share with your friends!

6. Cucharita
The ever-affectionate Argentines know the best way to keep warm is to keep close to someone else! Snuggling up with a loved one in the “cucharita” or “little spoon” might be the very best way to pass these cold winter months.

7. Sport a poncho- the original Snuggie

The poncho originated from the Andes region and is a heavy woven piece of cloth with a hole cut out in the center for your head. Throw it on over your clothes for an authentic look and a unique way to keep warm. Pair this portable, wearable blanket with your mate and you’ll look ready to ride off into the Pampa!

8. Panqueques de dulce de leche
Any typical Argentine dessert wouldn’t be complete without a good heaping of dulce de leche. Similar to the French crepe, these warm thin pancakes are covered in a layer of dulce de leche and then rolled up and sometimes topped off with sugar. Eat a few of these and then be lulled off into a winter hibernation.

9. Pamper yourself with heat

If it’s too cold to spend a Saturday exploring the streets of the city, take the day off to pamper yourself at one of Buenos Aires many spas. Oftentimes spas offer full or half day packages that include the use of the sauna, hot baths, and massage (try a hot stone massage). A great way to warm up and relax. Some good places to try; Home Hotel, Zen Suites, and for men only Markus Day Spa. Search more options here.


10. Warm up with wine
A glass or two of a nice Argentine malbec wine can go a long way to warm you up. The shining star of Argentine wines, malbec, goes great with locro and empanadas and is perfect for a cold winter day. Do a wine tasting course to learn all about Argentine wines and try a wide variety of local vinos!


What are your favorite ways to keep warm?