This week’s Roadie, Kyla has been living and interning here in Buenos Aires for three and a half months! See what she has to say about her health and nutrition internship and her experience with Road2Argentina!

Where are you from: Columbus, MD

Where do you intern in Buenos Aires (what does the organization do): A holistic health-coaching program that teaches women to heal their bodies naturally through nutritional and lifestyle changes, without drugs/medicines or surgeries.

Describe a typical day in your internship: Writing articles for health-related websites in Buenos Aires, working on Facebook marketing ideas.

What makes Buenos Aires a special place to intern: There is so much variety and always something going on. It’s easy to network with people because there is so much diversity of interest.

The most interesting thing you have done as an intern: Writing articles about birth control pills in Spanish for health websites in Argentina.

The greatest challenge you face as an intern: Working with my boss to coordinate a schedule that works for the both of us.

The most valuable thing you’ve learned in Buenos Aires: Messing up is an important part of learning – there will be lots of mistakes that you make at the beginning of your experience, but these make you smarter and you’ll feel like a city expert by the time you leave!

Your biggest accomplishment since arriving: Figuring out how to navigate the bus system!!!

One fun fact about Buenos Aires: This city never sleeps.

Your favorite memory of your time in BA: I asked 2 guys on the street one day for directions and found out that they work for an organization that interested me. I ended up becoming really involved with their organization but wouldn’t have known about it otherwise!

Advice to future Roadies: Put yourself out there – join clubs, go exploring alone, and don’t be afraid to dive in. Make the most of your experience no matter how long you’re here.

Why choose Road2Argentina: The weekly activities are a great way to meet other people and find things to do. Plus the staff is fabulous.